House Tour

Our lovely sister-in-law Catherine Stierwalt spent some time in the house in the short window of time after we officially owned it but before we started work on it to capture some excellent “before” pictures. I’m giddy at the thought of comparing these photos with the finished product down the line, but for now, I am almost just as giddy to share them with you here!! If you click on a photo, it will open a slideshow you can click through to see them all. Included in here are two verrrrry rough floor plans – they aren’t drawn to scale, they don’t include much. But they do give you a general idea of what is located where in the house. For reference!

First Floor Floorplan
Original First Floor Plan
Addition 1
Addition, was laundry/sitting room
Addition 2
Addition, was laundry/sitting room
kitchen 1
kitchen 2
Bath Downstairs 2
Bath Downstairs
DS Bedroom 1
Sitting Room/Bedroom
DS Bedroom 2
Sitting Room/Bedroom
Living Room 2
Living Room
Living Room 1
Living Room
Living Room 3
Living Room
Dining Room 1
Dining Room
Dining Room 4
Dining Room
Dining Room 3
Dining Room Built-in
Dining Room 2
Dining Room
Second Floor Floorplan
Original Second Floor Plan
Master Bed 1
Master Bedroom
Master Bed 2
Master Bedroom
NE Bedroom 1
Northeast Bedroom
NE Bedroom 2
Northeast Bedroom
NW Bedroom 1
Northwest Bedroom
NW Bedroom 2
Northwest Bedroom
SE Bedroom 1
Southeast Bedroom (with door to attic)
SE Bedroom 2
Southeast Bedroom
Bath Upstairs
Bathroom Upstairs

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