Week 17 Update

This week is a little light on the happenings, but don’t worry, I won’t leave you wondering what those few happenings were!

First of all, the drywallers were quite busy this week and got virtually all the drywall in the entire house hung, which means we can really start to feel what our house is going to be like. You get so used to stud walls and everything being open that it’s hard to really imagine what the house is going to be like when it’s actually complete. Well, with drywall, we really can kind of tell. And you guys, it’s awesome.


It’s also hard to show in photos, so bear with me as you look at a few of these.


There will be a gorgeous mudroom-style bench cabinet thing here


3-car garage


In the dining room, looking out the sliders


View from the kitchen into the living room


Main hallway to the backdoor (pantry is straight ahead)


This will be the kitchen.

Mark the Magnificent finished up the electrical this past week, so we can like, have lights and stuff pretty soon. It’s rather exciting. Also, Tom and his crew got the back porch started for the back entry door.


Electrical panel. Very impressive. Don’t touch.
Back porch area. Yes, it will have a floor and stairs.

The main other thing that happened this past week was our work redoing the cabinet that was in the kitchen of the original house and is going to go into the laundry room of the new house. We start sanding on it last weekend and spent some time this past week and weekend sanding some more, working on the structure (we had to cut off just a bit here and there to make it fit), and then, most excitingly, got to get a couple coats of paint on it! Yes, it’s teal (actually, the color is Behr Bubble Turquoise). And yes, I love it. It will be a giant teal beauty that I will grin at and pet.


This is what the cabinet looked like in the original kitchen.
Here’s the hutch part, after we removed it
And here’s the base, after we removed it


And here we are working on the base


Working on the hutch


Ready to paint!


Spraying the first door front
First coat on. Isn’t it bee yoo tiful?


And now, second coat. I’m in love.

We were all pretty happy with the color.

So that is that.  This next week should bring us some taping and mudding progress on the drywall, as well as some siding!

I keep wanting to do a sort of “before” and “now” pictures of the project, but it turns out my ability to take photos from similar vantage points throughout this process is nonexistent. Which makes side-by-side comparison really difficult. Luckily, Cat took the photos of the house before we started, so we’ll definitely be able to do “befores” and “afters” from those… 🙂



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