Unsolicited Recs | Sept 18


Hi, everyone! It’s been a hectic few weeks around here, but have no fear…I’m back.

I don’t really have much by way of house projects to share. But! I do have a great HOUSE to share with you, before getting to a series of random things. If you live in the Champaign-Douglas-Piatt County area and are looking for an amazing house with a big yard and outbuildings, look no further! And put the open house on your calendar!


🖤I am so very late to the Schitt’s Creek party, but thank goodness I’ve finally arrived. Season 1-4 are on Netflix now. Season 5 is coming to Netflix next month. And Season 6 in 2020. It’s the most binge-worthy show of all time, actually. Do you watch?? Who is your favorite???🖤


🇫🇷 Um excuse me? Can I please have a lot of money and a one-way ticket to Paris? Which one would you buy??? I’d go with #1 in a hot second 🇫🇷

10 Quirky Parisian Dream Pads For Sale, Just Because

🐛Ok I just actually love this and watch it constantly.🐛

☕️ I love Friends. Aaron loves LEGOs. It’s a no brainer. ☕️


😷I love plague books. Like, show me a future where a bunch of people have been wiped out by a crazy disease and I am IN. This twitter thread accomplishes two things:

1. It shows me I’m not alone in my love

2. It gives me a great reading list!

By the way, my personal favorite is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. And….I’ve never read Stephen King’s The Stand. 😬😷