So many activities. 

Hey y’all! I’ve been thinking about you blog readers lately and figured maybe I should do a wee bit of updating on what’s been going on up in here since we spoke last.(nearly 2 months ago. Zoiks!)

Where to start??? We’ve been mostly focusing our time and effort outside, because it’s a hot mess. Somehow everything we do to clean it up actually makes it worse??? But it’s worse-on-the-path-to-better. So, we’ll take it. 

Aaron has been cranking away on cleaning out the fallen down barn (I gave a synopsis of that situation in my last post). The current plan is to utilize the existing concrete foundation and build a new shed/barn on top of it. I believe it’s about 30’x40′, which should be great storage and work space. 

(Argh, these loaded in backwards, so we’re starting at current state and looking back at progress over the past month or so)

So, that’s all been fun. Well, maybe not fun. But something. Oh! I almost forgot! We managed to salvage out a decent chunk of the siding to use for a project that is to be determined in the future. I just started working on getting it removed from the rotted out wood and popping the nails out. What should we do with this barn wood? What would Joanna Gaines do???

We’ve also done a bunch of work on the east yard. Errr, “yard.” It’s not exactly yard-y yet, but we’re getting there. For every 1 big beautiful tree over there, there were probably at least 20 scrubs trees. No joke. So Aaron went through and got a lot of that cleaned out. It’s amazing the difference it makes!!! And it’s even more amazing the amount of concrete, pavers, bricks, and rocks we found out there. I got the best workout of my life the day we spent loading and moving all of them. It’s why I’m so ripped now. 

You can actually see the chicken coop!
Pile o’ bricks/rocks/etc
I guess it still looks a little scraggly. Trust me – it’s progress!
Now, in the past 2 weeks, it’s exploded with green. They’re mostly weeds, of course, but I still enjoy the green. 

Aaron just started digging out some stumps from where we removed trees. These root systems are bonkers. He and his dad also worked on trenching in the downspouts, which is kind of cool (although very hard to make look cool in pictures). 

Digging up some stumps
The trench for the downspout tile

There haven’t been many indoor updates, but I’ll share a couple quick things with you. 

We got the rest of our living room furniture. Woo hoo! Aaron loves his chair. 

We’ve done some decor-based projects too. It’s so fun! And always more work/more difficult than I anticipate!

Project 1:

W (for Wise family) from original front screen door
Spray painted white. Then changed our minds and spray painted bronze
And then mounted in a shadow box as M for Marsh family

Project 2:

Big old window that was out in one of the sheds
Removal of panes of glass
Lots of cleaning out of gunk
We used a soft blue chalk paint and added in mirrors. She’s ready to hang!

Project 3:

We took an old window that was just chilling out in a shed and turned it into a chalkboard thing for the kitchen! It’s not actually done yet- we still have to attach the knobs – but it’s getting there. 😍


I think that pretty much sums up our current state down this here loooooong lane. (For some reason I wrote that in a drawling Southern accent….I hope you read it the same way).

Big upcoming projects include the barn raisin’ plus making the area around the house look like a yard. Oh, and maybe having some kind of driveway/walkway to the front door. Next time, on the blog….

Another then & now

Hello friends. I’m putting this lil post together while watching my Cubbies in Game 4 of the World Series. I’ve got another then & now picture to show you, and the difference is striking. (See what I did there with the baseball pun?)

Aaaand I’m doing this all from my phone and moving the photos around in the post is not going well. So…photos are going to be willy nilly. 

All the corn is out from around the house. It’s so weird now!
Then– View from the West

Now – View from the West

Exciting news — the porch floor is completely down!!! You guys, it looks so good. It’s a home run, for sure. So next up is getting the 4 sets of stairs built and oiling up the floor. Woo hoo!

Working on the final board
Mark and the porch
Mark and Aaron and the final board
The end! The end! (of the floor)
When I got home last weekend, the floor was done, and I have a decent idea what fueled the progress…
A lil snapshot of the front of the house 😍

We’re still chugging along around here… 

Weeks 31 & 32 Update

Uh oh, oops, and sorry. I missed updating the blog last week. It seemed like things were going too slowly to even be able to scrape together a mini-update, and yet now that I’m combining the last two weeks….it seems there is A LOT to talk about. So buckle up, this may get lengthy!

Last time we checked in, they were working on the porch, countertops had been templated (is that a legit verb?), the wash-up sink was installed in the garage, the teal cabinet was on its way to being whole again, and we had an appliance delivery.

Since then, Tom & co have started working on trim stuff, and Aaron and I have been spending quality time cleaning the attic & basement and getting ready to finish up all the duct work.

Other than that, there has been a lot happening around countertops and tile. Oh and cabinets. You know, little unexciting things like that. 😉

Note -it’s a little late and my iPad is acting up, so I’m giving up on formatting and captioning the pictures. I expect you’ll be able figure out what things are. Sorry for the laziness.  


hex tile in master bath ❤️
downstairs shower
upstairs shower floor (before it got wiped down)
close up of the bee yoo tiful tile!
upstairs shower – so gorg


the start of kitchen cabinets!!!
more kitchen pretty
upstairs bathroom cabinets!
one of the master vanities


slab of granite with the plastic templates so we could get just the part of the stone we wanted
same thing on the soapstone

Other cabinets:

General gorgeousness:

a glimpse of the kitchen backsplash

Week 30 Update

This is gonna be a quick one, ya’ll. It’s been a slowish week. Here’s the rundown:

Work on the porch continued. 

Classic Granite & Marble came out to laser measure the countertops, and then came back out with plastic templates to double check that the measurements were right. And they were! 

Aaron and I got the wash-up sink installed in the garage. 

We put the teal cabinet back together. Reminder: it had to be cut off to get it up the stairs, so with some dowels, wood glue, paintable wood putty, and more teal paint, and she’s as good as new!

This will take one million years to clean

A couple of our appliances were delivered. Sneaky peeky!

High fives all around for good things happening at the house!

Week 25 Update

So the main news this week is that we have a raccoon in our house. Well. We presume it’s a raccoon based on the footprints and poop presents he’s been leaving us. Footprints on walls and cabinets….poop on the floor. Pee heaven only knows where. *sigh* It’s sorta funny, except when you think about the fact that it’s loose in the house wreaking havoc in places we both can and can’t see. Right at the time that the hardwood floor is set to be stained. But that can’t happen if there is a critter on the loose. Eesh. So we are a week into trying to catch the little *insert curse word here* before he ruins everything. Or SHE has babies in our attic somewhere. Say a little prayer.

An exciting non-raccoon-related thing this week is that we picked up our refinished 100-year old claw foot tub. We had it powder coated – it looks great! And we’re going to spray the feet with a chrome paint.


we can actually see the design on the feet!


so pretty !


Otherwise, things are at a bit of a standstill. We’re playing with trim and doors to get things finalized. We had a water softener installed. We’ve been looking at various stain colors for the floor. We had the world’s largest propane tank installed – one step closer to having heat! Oh, and the siders have been chugging away on the Big Blue House.


yes, this a photo of a water softener





yeah, that’s a 1000 gallon propane tank

I know we’re very wah wahhhhh these days, but we also KNOW that we’re getting closer and everything will work out in the end. 😀