Home blogs I follow

I love following other people’s blogs on all things home, and I thought I would share my favorites with you! Mind you – many of these are like legit, real deal, professional blogger-style blogs. Think gorgeous photos, giveaways, ongoing partnerships, etc. Obviously, my little slice of the blogosphere is a lot more home-grown. I take all photos with my iPhone. I often forget to take pictures of things at all. I’m just trying to create a little internet scrapbook of this whole crazy process, while a lot of these blogs exist as a true business enterprise. But that doesn’t matter – a  blog is a blog is a blog. So here we go — some faves.

Our Fifth House   – Gorgeous stuff, and she’s doing an awesome ceiling fan giveaway through April 15th.

Hooked on Houses – Ugh, I love this one so much. Lots of awesome peeks inside houses of the rich and fabulous, plus tons of other great stuff. Brooklyn Decker’s house is featured today, and I want to move into the kitchen and never leave.

Chris Loves Julia – Gorgeous home, adorable children, design and food lovers. What more can you want?

Young House Love – My heart breaks that the Petersiks aren’t actively blogging anymore, but their blog is still a massive archive of adorable design, DIY projects, and much much more. They also have a couple books out. The force is strong in this couple.

Bower Power – Hands down, cutest family on the internet. And so many fun house projects.

Design Mom – I am neither a designer nor a mom, but I dig this blog. For many reasons. It’s scope is much wider than just design, and her Friday links posts are always my favorite.

Hello Farmhouse – For obvious reasons

The White Farmhouse Blog – Again, probably not a surprise this is on the list.

Blake Hill House – They are participating in the One Room Challenge, which I have just discovered and am loving so far.

Go Haus Go – Fun, cute, design-y.

There are likely some I am missing. Do you have a favorite home/design blog you follow? Let me know what I’m missing on this list!