Summer time

Howdy, y’all! Long time no talk. If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on down this long lane of ours, the answer is not much / a lot. Not much is truly photo worthy, but a lot of work has been going on nonetheless!

In the last post, you saw how Aaron had been working on cleaning out the remains of the old barn. Well, since then, he and his friend Matt (and Matt’s crew) have done some concrete-cutting and concrete-pouring to prepare for the new barn (which will actually be more of a shed). 

Putting in floor drain

Aaron and his dad also spent a ton of time moving dirt and grading all around the house, and we got some grass planted. It’s coming up in funny little patches, as per usual with planting grass in the summer. But I’m sure we’ll have a yard around our house someday. The rest of the property is another story. It’s like The Jungle Book out there. Minus Baloo and Mowgli and friends. 

As you can see, the grass is growing better in some places than others…

Other than that, we’ve been on the lookout for furniture for our wrap around porch. I picked up a sweet bench at a flea market a few weeks ago, that works really well by the front door. 

The main things we’re noticing with the porch are 

A) it gets real real dirty and we’re going to need to invest in a power washer asap 

B) we aren’t loving the cumaru product we put down for the floor. Despite following all acclimation and installation instructions, its separating and curling and shrinking and expanding in all kinds of not awesome ways 

C) we need heavy duty furniture that can stand up to the wind out here. But we don’t want to spend a fortune. These two things are very much in opposition. 

So that’s a quick lil update. We still have a lot of finish work to do inside, which I’m afraid will take years for us to actually do. 🙄 And getting the outside in order will probably be on our to do list for the next 20 years, at least. But we are loving our home and are so thankful to be here!


So many activities. 

Hey y’all! I’ve been thinking about you blog readers lately and figured maybe I should do a wee bit of updating on what’s been going on up in here since we spoke last.(nearly 2 months ago. Zoiks!)

Where to start??? We’ve been mostly focusing our time and effort outside, because it’s a hot mess. Somehow everything we do to clean it up actually makes it worse??? But it’s worse-on-the-path-to-better. So, we’ll take it. 

Aaron has been cranking away on cleaning out the fallen down barn (I gave a synopsis of that situation in my last post). The current plan is to utilize the existing concrete foundation and build a new shed/barn on top of it. I believe it’s about 30’x40′, which should be great storage and work space. 

(Argh, these loaded in backwards, so we’re starting at current state and looking back at progress over the past month or so)

So, that’s all been fun. Well, maybe not fun. But something. Oh! I almost forgot! We managed to salvage out a decent chunk of the siding to use for a project that is to be determined in the future. I just started working on getting it removed from the rotted out wood and popping the nails out. What should we do with this barn wood? What would Joanna Gaines do???

We’ve also done a bunch of work on the east yard. Errr, “yard.” It’s not exactly yard-y yet, but we’re getting there. For every 1 big beautiful tree over there, there were probably at least 20 scrubs trees. No joke. So Aaron went through and got a lot of that cleaned out. It’s amazing the difference it makes!!! And it’s even more amazing the amount of concrete, pavers, bricks, and rocks we found out there. I got the best workout of my life the day we spent loading and moving all of them. It’s why I’m so ripped now. 

You can actually see the chicken coop!
Pile o’ bricks/rocks/etc
I guess it still looks a little scraggly. Trust me – it’s progress!
Now, in the past 2 weeks, it’s exploded with green. They’re mostly weeds, of course, but I still enjoy the green. 

Aaron just started digging out some stumps from where we removed trees. These root systems are bonkers. He and his dad also worked on trenching in the downspouts, which is kind of cool (although very hard to make look cool in pictures). 

Digging up some stumps
The trench for the downspout tile

There haven’t been many indoor updates, but I’ll share a couple quick things with you. 

We got the rest of our living room furniture. Woo hoo! Aaron loves his chair. 

We’ve done some decor-based projects too. It’s so fun! And always more work/more difficult than I anticipate!

Project 1:

W (for Wise family) from original front screen door
Spray painted white. Then changed our minds and spray painted bronze
And then mounted in a shadow box as M for Marsh family

Project 2:

Big old window that was out in one of the sheds
Removal of panes of glass
Lots of cleaning out of gunk
We used a soft blue chalk paint and added in mirrors. She’s ready to hang!

Project 3:

We took an old window that was just chilling out in a shed and turned it into a chalkboard thing for the kitchen! It’s not actually done yet- we still have to attach the knobs – but it’s getting there. 😍


I think that pretty much sums up our current state down this here loooooong lane. (For some reason I wrote that in a drawling Southern accent….I hope you read it the same way).

Big upcoming projects include the barn raisin’ plus making the area around the house look like a yard. Oh, and maybe having some kind of driveway/walkway to the front door. Next time, on the blog….

General update


Is this thing on? Hello? Hello?

I know I’ve been a little radio silent these days. The thing is, we’re just kind of trucking along. With the nice weather, we’ve been working on some outdoor cleanup around the house. We’ve gotten some new furniture, which is mega exciting. We still need to finish unpacking some rooms (I KNOW). So not a ton of blog-worthy stuff, especially compared to a year ago when major things were happening all the time (for reference, here and here is what was happening around the same time last year).

Anyway. I thought I’d share just a  few pictures of what’s going on down our long lane, in case anyone was wondering. 🙂

So, first of all, this picture was clearly taken before the weather turned spring-like. So pretty, right??

Aaron did all kinds of work cleaning up around the fallen-down barn. When we bought the property, half the barn was still standing(ish). On one windy day in 2016, she blew the rest of the way down. The next few pictures show then and now shots of the barn remains.


After it fell down more…


Action shot of Aaron hauling off some of the cleared out trees

With this nice weather, I’ve also been spending some time digging through all the sheds/barns out on the property. There is lots of trash-to-me/treasure-to-other-people. LOTS. It’s actually been really fun posting a lot of this for sale on various local sites and having people come out and do some “picking.” For fun, I’ve included pics of some of the stuff we’ve found…

I mean, this wasn’t “found.” We’ve always known it’s there. But still.

This was tucked back behind the barn, with trees growing up through it. It’s a torture device and/or farm equipment.
We also did more clean up on the South side of the house to ultimately prepare for changing up the driveway. The pic below is taken from the driveway now; there used to be tons of bushes/brush all up in the way. So much better now!

For fun, I thought I’d do a little before and after of the Big Teal Monster. For a refresher on this bad boy, see Week 18 post. So the first pic below shows the built-in on the right side of the photo, in the old kitchen (in what is now our dining room). And the next two show her in all her teal glory in our upstairs laundry room. It’s so fun to see befores and afters, right???

kitchen 1


And last but certainly not least, we got new living room furniture! It’s not all in yet, but I couldn’t resist showing you how pretty is. The pictures below show the progression of the living room, ending on the latest, prettiest version.

Living Room — Before we bought the house

Living Room 1
Living Room -After we bought the house but before we started demolition

Living Room – mid-construction

Living Room – later-mid-construction

Living Room – with old furniture in it

Living Room – after old furniture out but before new furniture in

Living Room – with pretty new furniture!!!!

So that about does it for now. Hopefully we’ll continue to have fun exterior updates for you as we get serious about cleaning up the craziness. There are so many beautiful trees surrounded by little ugly scrub trees and brush. We’re going to focus on getting that ugly outta there to highlight the pretty!!

First post of 2017

See how clever I am with my post titles? My last one was nearly as amazing as this one is…

So get this — we are coming up on 2 years since I wrote the very first blog post on this here little corner of the internet. And that post was about a year after we first started exploring this path of remodeling this 100-year-old farmhouse down a long lane. Whoa. What a crazy ride! And we’re still on it! Let me tell you what you’ve missed over the past few weeks.

Aaron and his dad finished up the skylights on the porch. They look SO GOOD. Basically, the windows themselves had been there for a really long time, but they were missing the final trim out stuff. That’s the official name of what Aaron and Steve did. Final trim out stuff. Basically – they made the skylights look prettier. I’m sure there were plenty of other reasons they did what they did, but to me, they definitely look prettier.

We. Got. Mirrors. You guys. We’ve been 6+ months with no mirrors in our master bathroom. And as of yesterday, we have mirrors! I realize everyone likely knows what mirrors look like, but it’s just crazy how much of a difference they make in that bathroom! And I mean, being able to blow dry my hair looking in a mirror that isn’t teeny tiny and propped on the top of the vanity? It’s miraculous.

Upstairs guest bathroom
Master Bathroom – Gina’s vanity
Master Bathroom – Aaron’s vanity

Another big thing in the past few weeks is that we ordered new living room furniture. Yay! It’s so exciting, but won’t be here for weeks (if not months *sigh*). So for now, just bask in our excitement!

Look at the cute pillows Mom got us for Christmas

And look at this amazing photo of the house Aaron’s mom got us for Christmas!

And now for a few quick Then and Now pictures….

Porch – THEN
Porch – NOW
Laundry Room – THEN
Laundry Room – NOW

Roofing – THEN
Front Door – THEN
Front Door – NOW
Back Door – THEN
Back Door – NOW

Last post of 2016

Yeah, I’m going out on a limb and saying that this post, despite being written more than 10 days before the end of the year, will be the last one I do this year. 🙂

As promised in my last post, I’m back with a few goodies for you! Some pictures of the exterior of the house that shows how lovely the white trim is, some pictures of the house decorated for Christmas, and some “then and now” photos. They are all jumbled together below. Onwards!

The room above the garage. New comforter!


Aaron has been working on framing in the porch skylights. Just need to put the white stuff over the top of the plywood!
Front exterior of house with pretty white trim
Southwest stairs
Back exterior

Christmas Decorations

Some Then and Now

















And that pretty much wraps up the year. Thanks so much for following along the past year (plus) as we tackled this project. It’s still far from over, so I’ll be back with updates as we have them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!


*Sigh* I’m so bad at blogging.

Uh oh. You guys. Turns out I need a weekly posting schedule to make sure I don’t forget to blog altogether. Oops. To all my adoring fans, please accept my sincere apologies.

On to the good stuff!

So when were together here in Blogland a few weeks ago, we had gotten the stairs built and some of the trim material put up. Well, a lot has happened since then! It may not all make for the most exciting photos, but I’m obviously going to post them anyway.

We finished putting up the trim board. We got the flooring all oiled and it’s so so so beautiful. The first bajillion pictures are of the small porch at the back entrance to the house. I snapped tons of pictures on that part, because it was before I was covered head to toe in this oil stuff and didn’t want to pick up my phone anymore. So the last 3 photos in this series are of the ginormous front porch… You’ll just have to come see the rest of it in person!

We also happened to have enough material left to redo the stairs from the garage into the house. Even though they’re stairs that really will only be seen/used by us, it is nice to have them so spiffy and pretty. We still need to oil this staircase.

Sadly, I am a loser and haven’t gone back out to the front yard to take a good picture of the front of the house with the trim up and the stairs done. DANGIT. I guess that’s something to look forward to for the next blog post, which will come out in roughly one million years, apparently.

A few miscellaneous pics:

Autumn comes to the Marshes


Life is good again. We have the smokers out.


Mat at the front door! *insert heart eyes emoji here*


My personal favorite thing: Google Earth has updated the view of our property!!

I don’t have good “then and now” photos for you this. I’ve done a good job capturing the “then” photos…but not a good job getting the “now” photos taken. DANGIT AGAIN.

How about this — I vow to blog again this month and will include some more photos of the outside, more “then and now” pics, and first-year-in-the-new-house Christmas decoration photos. Maybe that will make me actually get our tree and decorate. Maybe. Or maybe you’ll end up with a bunch of pictures of the house with elves and ornaments drawn on. Or maybe I’ll go find lots of gorgeous pictures on Pinterest and pretend they are mine. I have a lot options, you guys.

Bye for now!

Porch for President

A little oopsie to those of you who subscribe to updates via email — as I started this post tonight on my phone, I hit ‘publish’ when I meant to hit ‘save.’ So you got an email but there was likely nothing in it. 😬 sorry! Trying again…

I have some porch updates for y’all.  And while you may not find them at all exciting or interesting, trust me when I tell you they are!

So last time I updated, Aaron and crew had finished up the porch floor. Well, since then, we’ve gotten nearly everything else porch-related done! 

Aaron and his dad got the stringers built for the stairs. We have 4 sets of stairs off our ~1100 square feet of porch, so this was no small task.

Don’t ask me how they built these things. This isn’t a how-to blog.
Seeing stringer double
Then they got The stair framing installed and started on the actual boards for the treads. 

West set of stairs
The view from the porch
Setting them there stairs in place
Hanging chads. Er, brackets for install
Main entry stairs!!
Steve showing those stairs who’s boss
And here come the deck boards! (Sorry for pic, Steve 😉)
In the midst of that, they also got the trim board installed, and it’s a mega game changer. It’s like The Dude’s rug…it really ties the whole room together. Or you know, house. Whatever. They are using the same material for the risers of the steps, and they are working on those steps now. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the omg-it’s-finished-final-reveal. However, in just a few pictures, you’ll get a sneak peek!!

I have a couple more then and now photos to share with you. (By the way, I save these up for a couple weeks before posting, so some of these might actually be 1 year and 6 days ago or whatever. But I figure you get the gist.)

It’s been a year since we started plaster demo…
My how different that view looks now!
A year ago they were laying out the porch
And now the porch is here! (Pssst sneak peek of trim!)
A year ago they were digging for footings
And again, now it’s a porch
Siding was all removed, along with falling down south porch
And now look at her!!
This poor old claw foot tub was in rough condition last year…
And now it’s all spa-like!

Fun, right???? And last, but not least, I have finally got a little bit of a start on hanging things up in here. And Aunt Anne gifted us her grandfather clock, which is cozied up in our living room, just tick-tocking away. It’s lovely! 

First wedding photo on the wall! (And yes, this is literally a terrible picture of a gorgeous photo on a wall. I know it’s boring. But I’m excited!)
Cute bathroom decor! (Thanks, Mary Kay!)

Another then & now

Hello friends. I’m putting this lil post together while watching my Cubbies in Game 4 of the World Series. I’ve got another then & now picture to show you, and the difference is striking. (See what I did there with the baseball pun?)

Aaaand I’m doing this all from my phone and moving the photos around in the post is not going well. So…photos are going to be willy nilly. 

All the corn is out from around the house. It’s so weird now!
Then– View from the West

Now – View from the West

Exciting news — the porch floor is completely down!!! You guys, it looks so good. It’s a home run, for sure. So next up is getting the 4 sets of stairs built and oiling up the floor. Woo hoo!

Working on the final board
Mark and the porch
Mark and Aaron and the final board
The end! The end! (of the floor)
When I got home last weekend, the floor was done, and I have a decent idea what fueled the progress…
A lil snapshot of the front of the house 😍

We’re still chugging along around here… 

Then & Now

So now that we’re over a year into this lil house project, Facebook and timehop keep reminding me of photos I took a year ago. This is awesome, because a lot has changed in this last year! I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been reminded of, along with a more current photo of the space.

There’s also a porch update AND a special bonus at the very end….

THEN – View from stairs towards living room
NOW – View from stairs towards living room
THEN – View towards staircase
NOW – View towards staircase
NOW – View towards staircase
THEN – View of stairs
NOW – View of stairs

There will be many more of these then and now moments, and I’ll be sure to round them up into a post every so often. The hardest part when one of these photos pops up is taking the time to go get a ‘now’ picture! You see, we’re still working our tushies off on the porch so we don’t really have free time these days. STILL. It’s an epic project but you guys, it’s looking sooooooooo goooooooood. I’m going to have to take more photos to share with you, because these last few days I’ve only been taking pictures on snapchat. Oops.

Back when we starts re-laying the floor.
Progress shot
More progress

Since I took that last picture, we have actually finished the entire section of floor, and have moved on to the outer part of the big porch. I will take more pics and share them. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Slobber monkey Wyatt

How in the world that picture end up in here?!? 😘 I haven’t a clue….

1 year house-iversary

You know what happened 1 year ago today, y’all??? We bought this house down a long lane. What a long/short year it’s been. This feels like forever ago, but it also feels like it just happened.

Us with keys right after closing!

In the past year, we have cleared out trees to be able to access the house, completely gutted the house and rebuilt it, added on, finished it, and moved in. While we aren’t still totally done, it’s pretty impressive what can be accomplished in just 365 days! Don’t get me wrong – I’m ready to be D-O-N-E with all this big stuff so we can have at least the occasional downtime in the next 365 days (and maybe even a vacation?? Just maybe??!).

Below are just a couple quick photos that demonstrate how far we’ve come.

House before
House now
kitchen 2
This was the kitchen
Now this is our kitchen

I’m still anxious to do a true before-and-after post, but just am not there yet. We’ll get there!!