Porch for President

A little oopsie to those of you who subscribe to updates via email — as I started this post tonight on my phone, I hit ‘publish’ when I meant to hit ‘save.’ So you got an email but there was likely nothing in it. 😬 sorry! Trying again…

I have some porch updates for y’all.  And while you may not find them at all exciting or interesting, trust me when I tell you they are!

So last time I updated, Aaron and crew had finished up the porch floor. Well, since then, we’ve gotten nearly everything else porch-related done! 

Aaron and his dad got the stringers built for the stairs. We have 4 sets of stairs off our ~1100 square feet of porch, so this was no small task.

Don’t ask me how they built these things. This isn’t a how-to blog.
Seeing stringer double
Then they got The stair framing installed and started on the actual boards for the treads. 

West set of stairs
The view from the porch
Setting them there stairs in place
Hanging chads. Er, brackets for install
Main entry stairs!!
Steve showing those stairs who’s boss
And here come the deck boards! (Sorry for pic, Steve 😉)
In the midst of that, they also got the trim board installed, and it’s a mega game changer. It’s like The Dude’s rug…it really ties the whole room together. Or you know, house. Whatever. They are using the same material for the risers of the steps, and they are working on those steps now. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the omg-it’s-finished-final-reveal. However, in just a few pictures, you’ll get a sneak peek!!

I have a couple more then and now photos to share with you. (By the way, I save these up for a couple weeks before posting, so some of these might actually be 1 year and 6 days ago or whatever. But I figure you get the gist.)

It’s been a year since we started plaster demo…
My how different that view looks now!
A year ago they were laying out the porch
And now the porch is here! (Pssst sneak peek of trim!)
A year ago they were digging for footings
And again, now it’s a porch
Siding was all removed, along with falling down south porch
And now look at her!!
This poor old claw foot tub was in rough condition last year…
And now it’s all spa-like!

Fun, right???? And last, but not least, I have finally got a little bit of a start on hanging things up in here. And Aunt Anne gifted us her grandfather clock, which is cozied up in our living room, just tick-tocking away. It’s lovely! 

First wedding photo on the wall! (And yes, this is literally a terrible picture of a gorgeous photo on a wall. I know it’s boring. But I’m excited!)
Cute bathroom decor! (Thanks, Mary Kay!)

Then & Now

So now that we’re over a year into this lil house project, Facebook and timehop keep reminding me of photos I took a year ago. This is awesome, because a lot has changed in this last year! I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been reminded of, along with a more current photo of the space.

There’s also a porch update AND a special bonus at the very end….

THEN – View from stairs towards living room
NOW – View from stairs towards living room
THEN – View towards staircase
NOW – View towards staircase
NOW – View towards staircase
THEN – View of stairs
NOW – View of stairs

There will be many more of these then and now moments, and I’ll be sure to round them up into a post every so often. The hardest part when one of these photos pops up is taking the time to go get a ‘now’ picture! You see, we’re still working our tushies off on the porch so we don’t really have free time these days. STILL. It’s an epic project but you guys, it’s looking sooooooooo goooooooood. I’m going to have to take more photos to share with you, because these last few days I’ve only been taking pictures on snapchat. Oops.

Back when we starts re-laying the floor.
Progress shot
More progress

Since I took that last picture, we have actually finished the entire section of floor, and have moved on to the outer part of the big porch. I will take more pics and share them. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Slobber monkey Wyatt

How in the world that picture end up in here?!? 😘 I haven’t a clue….

Week 42 Update

I’m just going to leave these here. Everything is a work in progress. But we’ll get there. 😀

i mean, swoon. right??
living room getting ready for living
kitchen fully ready to go!
built-in booze cabinet. ready for all the moscow mules!
living room still with much mess. but also, couches

Need opinions, please!

So we have a staircase. As you know. We had the treads refinished when all the hardwood floors were redone, and literally my first time walking down them…I fell. All the way down. And I am not the only one who has fallen down, because these suckers are SLICK. 

We have had them covered up with protective paper stuff for ages now, but we are obviously (yay!) getting closer to ripping paper up to start cleaning in here. And we are facing a dilemma. This is where I need your help. 

Because of the slipperiness of the stairs, we are considering putting stair tread rug things on them, or putting a runner up the length of the stairs. Some things to consider: 

  • The baseboard is gray. 
  • The risers of the stairs will be ballet white (same as the walls).
  •  The banister is original dark hardwood. 
  • The treads of the stairs are the same lighter, cherry-ish color as the hardwood floors. 
  • And there is no carpet in the house other than the bonus room above the garage (i.e. nowhere near the stairs). We will have rugs through the house. 

So here are a few views of the stairs, currently covered with ugly dirty paper & blue painters tape (so use your imagination a little bit)

from downstairs entry up to landing
90 degree turn at landing and up the rest of the stairs
a view from the upstaurs back down to the landing

So. What do you prefer?

Option 1:

Runner up the stairs

I snagged this picture from Dear Lillie’s Instagram feed (you should follow her blog, btw). We wouldn’t necessarily go with a print this big, but it gives a good visual. Again, ours has a landing and a turn, which also makes a runner a little more complicated. But I like this option because it’s a more finished look and we could have a little fun with the pattern. 

Option 2:

Stair tread rugs

This is just an image I snagged from Google. We would (hopefully obviously) look for something prettier than these, but you get the idea. The appeal of this option is that it lets more of the stairs show, and is also a little bit more temporary than a big runner. 

Option 3:

Leave them rugless. I like this option because it shows off the natural wood. But I also don’t exactly feel like falling down the stairs is the best way to start my morning on a daily basis. 

this shows the treads refinished

So. What’s your vote?? Which option do you think is best for us?? And regardless, if you have a favorite place to get rugs, tell me please!!

Home blogs I follow

I love following other people’s blogs on all things home, and I thought I would share my favorites with you! Mind you – many of these are like legit, real deal, professional blogger-style blogs. Think gorgeous photos, giveaways, ongoing partnerships, etc. Obviously, my little slice of the blogosphere is a lot more home-grown. I take all photos with my iPhone. I often forget to take pictures of things at all. I’m just trying to create a little internet scrapbook of this whole crazy process, while a lot of these blogs exist as a true business enterprise. But that doesn’t matter – a  blog is a blog is a blog. So here we go — some faves.

Our Fifth House   – Gorgeous stuff, and she’s doing an awesome ceiling fan giveaway through April 15th.

Hooked on Houses – Ugh, I love this one so much. Lots of awesome peeks inside houses of the rich and fabulous, plus tons of other great stuff. Brooklyn Decker’s house is featured today, and I want to move into the kitchen and never leave.

Chris Loves Julia – Gorgeous home, adorable children, design and food lovers. What more can you want?

Young House Love – My heart breaks that the Petersiks aren’t actively blogging anymore, but their blog is still a massive archive of adorable design, DIY projects, and much much more. They also have a couple books out. The force is strong in this couple.

Bower Power – Hands down, cutest family on the internet. And so many fun house projects.

Design Mom – I am neither a designer nor a mom, but I dig this blog. For many reasons. It’s scope is much wider than just design, and her Friday links posts are always my favorite.

Hello Farmhouse – For obvious reasons

The White Farmhouse Blog – Again, probably not a surprise this is on the list.

Blake Hill House – They are participating in the One Room Challenge, which I have just discovered and am loving so far.

Go Haus Go – Fun, cute, design-y.

There are likely some I am missing. Do you have a favorite home/design blog you follow? Let me know what I’m missing on this list!


I love the blog Hooked on Houses, and the most recent blog post gives some great inspiration! An 100+ year old American Foursquare that has been restored — sounds like something I want to see! While our house doesn’t really look like this one, it’s awesome to see the before and afters!

Check out the blog post!