Unsolicited Recs | Aug 22

So I realize I just did one of these posts. But I’ve been finding so many fun things to share as I scroll through the internet every night that I couldn’t resist posting again. PLUS today is a very special day…

Today, my niece Annie turns ONE. She lives so very far away from me, but I plan on smothering my phone in kisses when I birthday FaceTime with her today or tomorrow. JUST LOOK AT HER. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Also, I am heading to Cleveland, OH in a couple weeks for a conference. I’ll get in on a Monday afternoon and will leave on Friday afternoon. That’s a lot of evenings to explore! The conference has an opening night party thing at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, so that will be checked off the list. And the Indians are at home at least part of the time I’m there, so I’ll probably try to get to a game. What else should I make sure to do while there? And more importantly, where do I need to be sure to eat & drink? 🙂

Some links and things for you

This article includes 7 books (all by female authors) that are supposed to be great! And all of which have now been added to my Goodreads list. In news surprising to no one, the one I’m most excited to read is Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

Oh I will watch the heck out of both of these! Netflix, you are really killing it these days. And Tony & Traci, thanks for letting us log in to your account to watch all these things. haha

OH MY GOSH THIS KITCHEN. That arched storage cabinet makes my heart happy. It’s so gorgeous.

Photo from Chris Loves Julia (https://www.chrislovesjulia.com/our-modern-cottage-kitchen-makeover-on-the-cheap/)

Speaking of Chris Loves Julia, they’re doing a room makeover giveaway! More than $10,000 in furniture, decor, design, etc. All you have to do is post a pic of the room you want made over on Instagram with a specific hashtag, and they’ll pick a winner (on Wed 8/28) based on the room’s potential, quality/creativity, and likes on Instagram. No bathroom or kitchens can be submitted. They’ve got a whole blog post with all the details, so head over to check it out! Be sure to tag me on IG (@ginamarsh4) because I will like like like your post to help increase your chances of winning!!! Here’s the full scoop.

Last year, Mom and I went to the Minnesota State Fair (on a record-breaking attendance day, I might add) and I had a giant eggroll on a stick. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Related: I love this article so much…  What 2020 Democratic candidates ate at the Iowa State Fair. 

Yes, you are. This is America, we are very hungry, we have access to fryers, and we have trouble making decisions! If you want to be president, you have to eat your way to Washington. It’s what the founders intended. FOOD FOOD TEETH TEETH YES WE CAN!

One of my fave Instagram accounts is @fromwhereidrone. Their feed is gorgeous and full of amazing places and photos. Go follow them!

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Alright, that’s probably enough for now. I will hopefully have some house stuff to show you next time — I have Harry Potter prints to hang up and probably other projects that I just am not thinking of. And at some point, hopefully in the next…oh, say 20 years or so…I hope to have some landscaping pics to show you. For now, I hope everyone has a great day! And send some celebratory wishes out into the universe for Annie J on her first birthday!