Unsolicited Recs | Aug 19

Another week of things no one cares about but me! Settle in. Here’s some stuff. First of all, yay for gorgeous August skies!

I just got back from a fun semi-spontaneous trip to Washington DC. Saw monuments. Saw museums. Visited wineries. The whole shebang. Highly recommend.

This is logistical fun and also, pretty sure QE is immortal. But, this is the plan for if she does die.

This is an article about ketchup. Yes. Ketchup.

What??! But I love water.

This article is from 2015. I love disaster movies…but this isn’t one I want to see!

Take your hands and hold them palms down, middle fingertips touching. Your right hand represents the North American tectonic plate, which bears on its back, among other things, our entire continent, from One World Trade Center to the Space Needle, in Seattle. Your left hand represents an oceanic plate called Juan de Fuca, ninety thousand square miles in size. The place where they meet is the Cascadia subduction zone. Now slide your left hand under your right one. That is what the Juan de Fuca plate is doing: slipping steadily beneath North America.

Have a fun week everyone. We’re watching Succession on HBO – have you guys watched it??? It’s so good. Sometimes I don’t know wtf they’re saying. But it’s over the top and really enjoyable.