Unsolicited Recs |August 6

Hi, everyoneeeeeee. Here are some things.

After 3 years living here (I know! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years either!), we finally have installed blinds to west-facing windows in the kitchen & master bedroom. The sun is bright. Did you know that? And when it comes beating through the kitchen windows while we’re trying to cook dinner in the evenings, it is quite annoying. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I bring home dinner so often?? Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

ANYWAY. We did a bunch of research and decided we had to go with cellular shades, because the design & measurements of the window casing made installing anything else impossible (the hardware for like every other option was way too big). So we got all amped up, went to Menards because a) we live there and b) we have rebates there and c) they had blinds/shades 40% off. So the sale price for shades for 4 measly windows was like $800. Maybe that’s a reasonable price? But it was more than we were willing to pay. So — we took to the internet! Ultimately found ourselves on affordableblinds.com. We ordered some free samples to gauge quality and colors, and were pleasantly surprised. We ordered cordless cellular shades for the kitchen and cordless blackout cellular shades for the master bedroom. 4 shades, free shipping, total cost was $266.32. And they’re nice!! Now, to get them to fit right in the casings, we had to cut, prime, paint, and install some wood strips to the upper part of each window. So that was fun. But now they’re up and they are game. changers. Oh! I almost forgot. I was impressed with Affordable Blinds’ customer service, too. One of the kitchen blinds arrived the wrong measurement (long by about 1″). I sent them an email, took a picture of the error, and boom. New one arrived today. Lickety split!

We also got a couple things hung on the walls in the master bedroom. We had talked about doing a picture ledge above the bed, but ultimately decided to hang this mirror thing we salvaged from the property, cleaned up, and painted. Like 2 years ago. Better late than never!

Don’t judge my bed making skills. We are two people who sleep with 6 pillows between the two of us and literally never make our bed. It’s hard to get good at it when you only do it for photos once every 2 years. Sorry Mom!

Anyway. We also hung our life mantra in our bedroom as well. We think it’s important to stay centered.

In other news:

How to use envy as a tool — I love this approach to figuring out what you want in life! This is a quick 4-ish minute blog read, and I highly recommend!

I just started listening to a new podcast. Well, new to me. It’s actually from about a year ago, but I’m just now getting around to it. It’s Uncover: Escaping NXIVM and is about what turned out to be a sex cult masquerading as leadership development community. Or something. Here’s the thing – there are about 7 minutes in episode 1 that are ROUGH to listen to. But I’m now on ep4 and it’s bonkers (in a good way). It’s fascinating and terrifying and I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy the rest is it. You can read more about what the podcast entails and/or listen here.

You guys, I think this movie looks delightful. Don’t you???

Hope you all have a great week!

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