Unsolicited Recs | July 29

Hi, everyone. Happy (????) Monday!

The only house-related thing I want to show you this week is this EPIC butterfly! Isn’t it the prettiest of all time? And it was a giant.


Other than that, I have been keeping track of some fun internet things I wanted to share with you.

These articles are about the American Airlines unlimited ticket and the people who bought it in the late 80s and how they used it. Sometimes for good, rarely for evil (although AA disagreed and has revoked some of the tickets recently). Both the articles are so good and so interesting! Where would you go first (and second and third…)if you had unlimited first class travel??? Article 1 here and Article 2 here.

Interesting and fascinating article on how the “Markle Sparkle” (I know, that moniker is barf-worthy. I didn’t make it up) affected one clothing brand. If I had all the money and thought that buying what Meghan Markle was wearing would make me look like her, not gonna lie…I’d go for it.

A super important read for all of us about disabled parking spots. An Open Letter to the Guy at Target

A Q&A about life insurance. I found it really informative and interesting (despite the subject matter). Do you have life insurance??? We all should!

This article from Texas Monthly about the life of Edward Ates and his wrongful conviction is fantastically written and will make you mad. It was thanks in large part to the work of one podcast host he was freed. I haven’t listened to this particular podcast and was still absorbed for this entire story.

Am I the last person on earth to see this? It’s SO FUN.

This whole thread is a blast, but the Metallica – Saturday Night Fever is THE BEST.

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