Don’t stair at me

So remember when I asked for opinions on what to do about our stairs? (here, here, and here)

We ultimately decided to leave them au naturale for the time being, i.e. original dark trim, spindles, and newel post; Kendall Charcoal baseboards; white risers; and refinished/stained treads.



We talked about if we should do a runner up the entire length of the stairs, but we worried it would look out of place with no other carpet anywhere in the house (aside from above the garage), and we didn’t know how to treat the landing (the stairs do a 90 degree turn at the landing). We also talked about just getting carpeted or even clear treads, but just couldn’t find one we loved. So again, “as-is” was the name of the game. And so far, we’re really loving them this way!

And then I read this blog post today on Bower Power blog. Do you guys follow that one? Tons of DIY posts, sweet family posts (they have 4 young boys…and she’s super pregnant with her first girl), etc. It’s a great one to follow, if you don’t already.

ANYWAY, today she posted that she wallpapered her stairs. Say whaaaaaa? The picture below is from her website (i.e. it is not my picture…it belongs to Bower Power…and she is awesome…go visit her site…)

Bower Power Blog — their finished staircase. Don’t  you love it???

Obviously this decor option would in no way affect the slipperiness of the stairs, which is why we were considering the other options. But…it’s so pretty. It’s so cute. It’s so funky. It’s so not permanent. I’m not actually suggesting we’ll do it (I haven’t even shown Aaron. I bet we can all guess what his opinion will be). But I wanted to share, because it had never even crossed my mind as an option! And y’all were so helpful when we were exploring our stairs options, I thought you might like to see it. 🙂

So there you have it! What do you think?? Yay or Nay on wallpapering the stairs? And if you fall into the Yay camp — what pattern of wallpaper???

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