So many activities. 

Hey y’all! I’ve been thinking about you blog readers lately and figured maybe I should do a wee bit of updating on what’s been going on up in here since we spoke last.(nearly 2 months ago. Zoiks!)

Where to start??? We’ve been mostly focusing our time and effort outside, because it’s a hot mess. Somehow everything we do to clean it up actually makes it worse??? But it’s worse-on-the-path-to-better. So, we’ll take it. 

Aaron has been cranking away on cleaning out the fallen down barn (I gave a synopsis of that situation in my last post). The current plan is to utilize the existing concrete foundation and build a new shed/barn on top of it. I believe it’s about 30’x40′, which should be great storage and work space. 

(Argh, these loaded in backwards, so we’re starting at current state and looking back at progress over the past month or so)

So, that’s all been fun. Well, maybe not fun. But something. Oh! I almost forgot! We managed to salvage out a decent chunk of the siding to use for a project that is to be determined in the future. I just started working on getting it removed from the rotted out wood and popping the nails out. What should we do with this barn wood? What would Joanna Gaines do???

We’ve also done a bunch of work on the east yard. Errr, “yard.” It’s not exactly yard-y yet, but we’re getting there. For every 1 big beautiful tree over there, there were probably at least 20 scrubs trees. No joke. So Aaron went through and got a lot of that cleaned out. It’s amazing the difference it makes!!! And it’s even more amazing the amount of concrete, pavers, bricks, and rocks we found out there. I got the best workout of my life the day we spent loading and moving all of them. It’s why I’m so ripped now. 

You can actually see the chicken coop!
Pile o’ bricks/rocks/etc
I guess it still looks a little scraggly. Trust me – it’s progress!
Now, in the past 2 weeks, it’s exploded with green. They’re mostly weeds, of course, but I still enjoy the green. 

Aaron just started digging out some stumps from where we removed trees. These root systems are bonkers. He and his dad also worked on trenching in the downspouts, which is kind of cool (although very hard to make look cool in pictures). 

Digging up some stumps
The trench for the downspout tile

There haven’t been many indoor updates, but I’ll share a couple quick things with you. 

We got the rest of our living room furniture. Woo hoo! Aaron loves his chair. 

We’ve done some decor-based projects too. It’s so fun! And always more work/more difficult than I anticipate!

Project 1:

W (for Wise family) from original front screen door
Spray painted white. Then changed our minds and spray painted bronze
And then mounted in a shadow box as M for Marsh family

Project 2:

Big old window that was out in one of the sheds
Removal of panes of glass
Lots of cleaning out of gunk
We used a soft blue chalk paint and added in mirrors. She’s ready to hang!

Project 3:

We took an old window that was just chilling out in a shed and turned it into a chalkboard thing for the kitchen! It’s not actually done yet- we still have to attach the knobs – but it’s getting there. 😍


I think that pretty much sums up our current state down this here loooooong lane. (For some reason I wrote that in a drawling Southern accent….I hope you read it the same way).

Big upcoming projects include the barn raisin’ plus making the area around the house look like a yard. Oh, and maybe having some kind of driveway/walkway to the front door. Next time, on the blog….

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