First post of 2017

See how clever I am with my post titles? My last one was nearly as amazing as this one is…

So get this — we are coming up on 2 years since I wrote the very first blog post on this here little corner of the internet. And that post was about a year after we first started exploring this path of remodeling this 100-year-old farmhouse down a long lane. Whoa. What a crazy ride! And we’re still on it! Let me tell you what you’ve missed over the past few weeks.

Aaron and his dad finished up the skylights on the porch. They look SO GOOD. Basically, the windows themselves had been there for a really long time, but they were missing the final trim out stuff. That’s the official name of what Aaron and Steve did. Final trim out stuff. Basically – they made the skylights look prettier. I’m sure there were plenty of other reasons they did what they did, but to me, they definitely look prettier.

We. Got. Mirrors. You guys. We’ve been 6+ months with no mirrors in our master bathroom. And as of yesterday, we have mirrors! I realize everyone likely knows what mirrors look like, but it’s just crazy how much of a difference they make in that bathroom! And I mean, being able to blow dry my hair looking in a mirror that isn’t teeny tiny and propped on the top of the vanity? It’s miraculous.

Upstairs guest bathroom
Master Bathroom – Gina’s vanity
Master Bathroom – Aaron’s vanity

Another big thing in the past few weeks is that we ordered new living room furniture. Yay! It’s so exciting, but won’t be here for weeks (if not months *sigh*). So for now, just bask in our excitement!

Look at the cute pillows Mom got us for Christmas

And look at this amazing photo of the house Aaron’s mom got us for Christmas!

And now for a few quick Then and Now pictures….

Porch – THEN
Porch – NOW
Laundry Room – THEN
Laundry Room – NOW

Roofing – THEN
Front Door – THEN
Front Door – NOW
Back Door – THEN
Back Door – NOW

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