*Sigh* I’m so bad at blogging.

Uh oh. You guys. Turns out I need a weekly posting schedule to make sure I don’t forget to blog altogether. Oops. To all my adoring fans, please accept my sincere apologies.

On to the good stuff!

So when were together here in Blogland a few weeks ago, we had gotten the stairs built and some of the trim material put up. Well, a lot has happened since then! It may not all make for the most exciting photos, but I’m obviously going to post them anyway.

We finished putting up the trim board. We got the flooring all oiled and it’s so so so beautiful. The first bajillion pictures are of the small porch at the back entrance to the house. I snapped tons of pictures on that part, because it was before I was covered head to toe in this oil stuff and didn’t want to pick up my phone anymore. So the last 3 photos in this series are of the ginormous front porch… You’ll just have to come see the rest of it in person!

We also happened to have enough material left to redo the stairs from the garage into the house. Even though they’re stairs that really will only be seen/used by us, it is nice to have them so spiffy and pretty. We still need to oil this staircase.

Sadly, I am a loser and haven’t gone back out to the front yard to take a good picture of the front of the house with the trim up and the stairs done. DANGIT. I guess that’s something to look forward to for the next blog post, which will come out in roughly one million years, apparently.

A few miscellaneous pics:

Autumn comes to the Marshes


Life is good again. We have the smokers out.


Mat at the front door! *insert heart eyes emoji here*


My personal favorite thing: Google Earth has updated the view of our property!!

I don’t have good “then and now” photos for you this. I’ve done a good job capturing the “then” photos…but not a good job getting the “now” photos taken. DANGIT AGAIN.

How about this — I vow to blog again this month and will include some more photos of the outside, more “then and now” pics, and first-year-in-the-new-house Christmas decoration photos. Maybe that will make me actually get our tree and decorate. Maybe. Or maybe you’ll end up with a bunch of pictures of the house with elves and ornaments drawn on. Or maybe I’ll go find lots of gorgeous pictures on Pinterest and pretend they are mine. I have a lot options, you guys.

Bye for now!


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