Porch for President

A little oopsie to those of you who subscribe to updates via email — as I started this post tonight on my phone, I hit ‘publish’ when I meant to hit ‘save.’ So you got an email but there was likely nothing in it. 😬 sorry! Trying again…

I have some porch updates for y’all.  And while you may not find them at all exciting or interesting, trust me when I tell you they are!

So last time I updated, Aaron and crew had finished up the porch floor. Well, since then, we’ve gotten nearly everything else porch-related done! 

Aaron and his dad got the stringers built for the stairs. We have 4 sets of stairs off our ~1100 square feet of porch, so this was no small task.

Don’t ask me how they built these things. This isn’t a how-to blog.
Seeing stringer double
Then they got The stair framing installed and started on the actual boards for the treads. 

West set of stairs
The view from the porch
Setting them there stairs in place
Hanging chads. Er, brackets for install
Main entry stairs!!
Steve showing those stairs who’s boss
And here come the deck boards! (Sorry for pic, Steve 😉)
In the midst of that, they also got the trim board installed, and it’s a mega game changer. It’s like The Dude’s rug…it really ties the whole room together. Or you know, house. Whatever. They are using the same material for the risers of the steps, and they are working on those steps now. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the omg-it’s-finished-final-reveal. However, in just a few pictures, you’ll get a sneak peek!!

I have a couple more then and now photos to share with you. (By the way, I save these up for a couple weeks before posting, so some of these might actually be 1 year and 6 days ago or whatever. But I figure you get the gist.)

It’s been a year since we started plaster demo…
My how different that view looks now!
A year ago they were laying out the porch
And now the porch is here! (Pssst sneak peek of trim!)
A year ago they were digging for footings
And again, now it’s a porch
Siding was all removed, along with falling down south porch
And now look at her!!
This poor old claw foot tub was in rough condition last year…
And now it’s all spa-like!

Fun, right???? And last, but not least, I have finally got a little bit of a start on hanging things up in here. And Aunt Anne gifted us her grandfather clock, which is cozied up in our living room, just tick-tocking away. It’s lovely! 

First wedding photo on the wall! (And yes, this is literally a terrible picture of a gorgeous photo on a wall. I know it’s boring. But I’m excited!)
Cute bathroom decor! (Thanks, Mary Kay!)

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