1 year house-iversary

You know what happened 1 year ago today, y’all??? We bought this house down a long lane. What a long/short year it’s been. This feels like forever ago, but it also feels like it just happened.

Us with keys right after closing!

In the past year, we have cleared out trees to be able to access the house, completely gutted the house and rebuilt it, added on, finished it, and moved in. While we aren’t still totally done, it’s pretty impressive what can be accomplished in just 365 days! Don’t get me wrong – I’m ready to be D-O-N-E with all this big stuff so we can have at least the occasional downtime in the next 365 days (and maybe even a vacation?? Just maybe??!).

Below are just a couple quick photos that demonstrate how far we’ve come.

House before
House now
kitchen 2
This was the kitchen
Now this is our kitchen

I’m still anxious to do a true before-and-after post, but just am not there yet. We’ll get there!!


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