The Porch and The Cow

Well, apparently I cannot be trusted to blog with any regularity when I’m not tied to a weekly schedule. I don’t have tons of updates for you, but I’ll give you what I’ve got!

The porch has been our main (read: only) project these days. It takes a looooooooooooooooooong time to get 1100 square feet of porch level, particularly when that involves planing it down with a hand planer, board by board, inch by inch. But — the porch is officially level and ready to have the Cumaru wood reinstalled. We have yet to start installing, however, because we had to order more material from the company, which took time to come in….and it was all damaged….so then we had to wait for them to ship new and schedule a time to pick up the old….and now the wood has to acclimate for 1-2 weeks. So, in the nearish future, we’ll be ready to start installing some porch floor again.

In the meantime, we’ve gotten started on the steps. There are 4 sets of stairs off the porch — 3 on the wraparound front porch, and 1 set on the small back porch. Guys, stairs are hard. There’s been lots of math and planning and then staking things out and digging holes and pouring concrete and measuring and cutting stringers…it’s a big friggin’ deal. This had better be the best porch ever.

Oh, another thing we did on the porch was to go through and fill in the columns.The structure of the porch includes lots of big support columns (the outer ones are bricked) and we didn’t want critters building nests or anything under there. So we used mortar to fill in the gaps/holes to hopefully discourage any unwanted visitors. We all know that our property is like jumanji, so…

Them is some holes.
Mixing concrete was surprisingly fun
Preparing for the stairs
The ground over here on the north side is lowwww so the stair columns look reallllly high
First stringer cut and ready!
If you use your imagination, you can pretend there are stairs here

Literally the only other thing of note is that we finally hung the first thing on the walls! The rest can wait, but I bought this cow like a year ago and have been DYING to get it hung up pretty much since we started the project. Do you love it like I do??? I bought it from These Four Walls in Monticello. It’s huge and so adorable.

I mean, come onnnnnn

A few random things:

Harvest has started!! They got the end rows out near our house.


So beautiful
The yard looks a little barren, but picture stairs coming down from that red front door! Won’t it be fun to have STAIRS!?
I’ve had this rug for years (thanks, Grandma), but I just seriously love it in front of the kitchen sink!

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