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Guys, I see now why I named all my blog posts with Week XX Update. It was so much easier than coming up with actual titles!!

Anyway, just dropping by to show you some fun and exciting updates happening down our long lane!

We have uncovered the stairs (which I think I told/showed you in a previous blog post), and we are really loving them just the way they are. They are this funky old-and-new multi-tone thing, and we are really loving them. And the treads are MUCH less slippery than they were back when they were first done, so….we’re going to live with them for awhile and see what we want to do as our “final” decision. I got some samples of the sticky gripper things, and they are hideous on the stairs. So we’re thinking if we do anything, it’ll likely be a runner. Stay tuned!

FYI, the banister, newel post, and spindles are the original color. We haven’t so much as cleaned them up yet. The treads were refinished at the same time as the rest of the floors, and are stained with Minwax cherry. The risers are painted Benjamin Moore ballet white, just like the walls. And the trim was painted to match the rest of our trim, which is Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

I got a super fun little stool for my vanity area. It’s cushy and comfy, and is light and slides easily. Very perfect for that area! I got it on sale at Target.

The shelves downstairs got some major TLC from Aunt Anne, Grandma, and Mom last week. They surprised us with arranging everything, and words can’t describe how much I lovelovelove! I’m sure we’ll do some editing over time, but at this point, I can’t even imagine what we would edit! Doesn’t everything look just awesome??


They couldn’t help but put up this adorable picture of Emily and me. We’re probably still this cute, right Em???

As I mentioned in a previous post, the big wraparound porch is giving us fits. We spent this past weekend (with lots of help – thanks everyone!) taking up all the Cumaru tongue & groove boards so we can level out the structure before re-installing the floor. So in this instance, we sort of went back a couple steps by going back to just the frame of the porch. But – it’s progress towards an end goal, so here it goes in the blog! 🙂



South side of the porch
Oops, how did this picture of our pretty front door get up here!?!?
East side of the porch
Dad, hard at work
And now the South side of the porch is the home for all the porch boards

We also spent some time outside over the weekend trying to get a handle on the weed situation. No, we are not getting into the medical marijuana business; I legit mean giant weeds. Button weeds, mare’s tale, ragweed, and probably thousands others with names I don’t remember. Now, it’s still wildly overgrown. BUT we made a pretty awesome dent into things yesterday. You probably have to see it in person to appreciate, but we’ll see if some photos can do it justice….



Before – notice how you can kind of see a stack of wood in the brush there??
Here is part of that stack of wood, uncovered


And another part of the stack of wood, uncovered. So much better, right???






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