Week 43 Update

We spent many many hours unpacking and attempting to get settled-ish. We still have a long way to go, but it feels good to be making progress.

Before we get to the few pictures I snapped, a general update: We aren’t officially DONE done with the house until the porch is done. Unfortunately, there’s an issue with the porch. Somewhere between delivery and installation of the Cumaru wood, something went wrong. There are gaps and humps and general not-awesomeness with the porch currently. So this means that what has been installed already needs pulled back up and redone. Which delays the whole end of this house remodel process. Until the porch is done, we can’t install steps. Until steps are installed, we can’t have the appraiser come back out for inspection. And until that day comes, we can’t close. So…. send positive thoughts our way as we figure out how to navigate this (hopefully last) road block between us and happily ever after down a long lane!

On to the pictures!


Every kitchen has to have a junk drawer, right!??!
Shower curtain installed downstairs! I love the blue in there.
We ordered an 84″ one from Bed Bath & Beyond
And we also got the one hung in the upstairs hall bath!
I couldn’t really get a good angle of this one (obviously). But it also came from Bed Bath & Beyond.
My side of the closet
And Aaron’s. Somehow his isn’t as full as mine?? And somehow the only thing of mine that spilled over to his side are a few pair of boots!
Guest Bedroom #1 – we just need some slats to finish putting this thing together (the box spring wouldn’t fit up the stairs)
Office, i.e. raccoon room, i.e. room with attic access, i.e. maybe someday nursery so that child can be taught to not fear scary attic monsters from an early age
Guest Bedroom #2 – This bed does actually have a headboard, but I apparently want you to imagine what it looks like. And we need a comforter…
We did a fun little craft project!
Spice drawer! It’s so pretty. Sometimes I just open it up to look at the pretty.
I mean, come on.
Amazeballs FLW trivet that will never actually be used as such because it’s so gorgeous
Quick glance into the pantry. Not exactly organized yet, but somehow very full already. Shocking!
We got all boxes unpacked but I didn’t get anything actually set up in its new home. Except for Hedwig & Errol and the HP books. Because of course.
One of many items I need to find a home for. But how brilliant is this?? I get to change the calendar every. single. day.
At the end of a busy weekend, time to watch some GoT. And notice that sheepskin?? It’s so soft and Brenda wins the prize for animal-themed housewarming gifts from foreign locales. (Sidenote: It’s not actually a blanket. But it’ll do when your feet are freezing)

So there we are. We also got the risers on the stairs painted again, so will hopefully be pulling up paper tonight and making an ultimate final decision on how to proceed with the stairs (treads, runner, nothing, etc). Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Week 43 Update

  1. Everything is so well organized! And I am a fan of your spice rack…The harry potter collection kept in between two owls is just perfection! 😀 Love it!


  2. Love all the organization!! Your closet, is killer! The spice rack..and the junk drawer..have never seen such a nice~junk drawer!!😊


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