Week 41 Update


We have moved!

Now, we still have just a couple things we need to do before actually start living there. Our goal is to be sleeping there by this Thursday, July 21. We need to fire up the water heaters, do a little more cleaning, test out the stove & dishwasher…. things like that. Oh, and get shower curtain rods & curtains hung so we can actually USE one of our showers. But generally speaking, this house of ours is ready for us!

So today’s post will include a couple photos of things we got done at the house, but mostly will be some general “hey, we have stuff in our house!” pictures. We haven’t remotely arranged furniture, and quite frankly, we’d really like to get new furniture. But….baby steps. 🙂 So here are a few photos, in no apparent order.


Kohler faucet installed
Is it weird to L-O-V-E a sink???
Maybe I’ll actually want to do dishes??

Sink and faucet for the win
Here’s a view from the east (front) side of the house.
Someday there will be actual stairs, not a ladder. For now, just imagine!
It’s actually starting to look like a dining room!
Close-up of the soapstone countertops. I just can’t even.
Our “mud room” bench (which will not have lamp shades on it full time, don’t worry)
How perfect are these crates for underneath??
Would you like to come over? Aaron will cook you all the things on this pretty stove.
This red squishy furniture looks so weird in the living room. But still…we have couches! In our house!
I bet you can guess what Aaron’s first response was to seeing the TV there….
A view from the dining room/kitchen hallway into the entry way. Gott love that bookshelf — a stellar find from the Habitat ReStore many years ago!
Would you like to come over? Gina will cook you all the things in the microwave.
Close-up of the stove

Kitchen beauty

What’s your favorite part?? I think mine is legit the kitchen. I can’t get over how much I love it!


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