Need opinions, please!

So we have a staircase. As you know. We had the treads refinished when all the hardwood floors were redone, and literally my first time walking down them…I fell. All the way down. And I am not the only one who has fallen down, because these suckers are SLICK. 

We have had them covered up with protective paper stuff for ages now, but we are obviously (yay!) getting closer to ripping paper up to start cleaning in here. And we are facing a dilemma. This is where I need your help. 

Because of the slipperiness of the stairs, we are considering putting stair tread rug things on them, or putting a runner up the length of the stairs. Some things to consider: 

  • The baseboard is gray. 
  • The risers of the stairs will be ballet white (same as the walls).
  •  The banister is original dark hardwood. 
  • The treads of the stairs are the same lighter, cherry-ish color as the hardwood floors. 
  • And there is no carpet in the house other than the bonus room above the garage (i.e. nowhere near the stairs). We will have rugs through the house. 

So here are a few views of the stairs, currently covered with ugly dirty paper & blue painters tape (so use your imagination a little bit)

from downstairs entry up to landing
90 degree turn at landing and up the rest of the stairs
a view from the upstaurs back down to the landing

So. What do you prefer?

Option 1:

Runner up the stairs

I snagged this picture from Dear Lillie’s Instagram feed (you should follow her blog, btw). We wouldn’t necessarily go with a print this big, but it gives a good visual. Again, ours has a landing and a turn, which also makes a runner a little more complicated. But I like this option because it’s a more finished look and we could have a little fun with the pattern. 

Option 2:

Stair tread rugs

This is just an image I snagged from Google. We would (hopefully obviously) look for something prettier than these, but you get the idea. The appeal of this option is that it lets more of the stairs show, and is also a little bit more temporary than a big runner. 

Option 3:

Leave them rugless. I like this option because it shows off the natural wood. But I also don’t exactly feel like falling down the stairs is the best way to start my morning on a daily basis. 

this shows the treads refinished

So. What’s your vote?? Which option do you think is best for us?? And regardless, if you have a favorite place to get rugs, tell me please!!

18 thoughts on “Need opinions, please!

  1. My husband and I ordered a nonslip grit additive called Clear Grip from Home Depot. You mix it with the polyurethane and it goes on completely clear but actually helps the slickness!

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  2. Even though the wood is beautiful, the full runner is by far the safest. Imagine your pain if Grandma Jeanne was carrying one of your nephews and fell down the stairs. The stair tread rugs still leave the leading edge exposed which provides a place to slip especially with slippers or stocking feet. You must go with the safest option #1.

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  3. I go for option 1 also as it would be somewhat in keeping with the age of the original house. And are you putting up a banister in the upper part of the stairs. Looks kind of scary with nothing to hang on to for those of us with not so great knees. Congrats on all you’ve done. I’m looking forward to a tour when I’m back in Illinois 8/2-9.

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  4. I gotta go with NOT option 1. I was taught that the integrity of the house is important, and if you have a rug there and no where else I think it would look out of place. Are you sure they will always be slippery? I would think that over time it would be less so. I left my stairs with only the natural wood showing (option3) and we do slip once in a while but haven’t had any big falls. Option 2 isn’t bad because more of the stairs show, and maybe it wouldn’t be as permanent as nailing carpet down? I can’t tell from the picture.

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    • I love a minority vote!!! I’m really feeling similarly to you, actually. But I’m just not sure how long it would stay slippery. And you’re right — option 2 is less permanent because nothing is nailed in. But I also think it looks sorta weird. *sigh* decisions decisions!


  5. While I agree that option 1 covers the stairs and is a little inconsistent with the look of the rest of the house, I think safety is most important. Maybe you could try the non slip product first….if it doesn’t solve the problem then go with the runner.


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