Week 39 Update

Howdy y’all. This long weekend has me all screwed up, and therefore I’m just now realizing I’m way late in getting a blog post up! Oopsie. Forgive me?

There actually isn’t tons to report. We did start moving some of our stuff into the garage and the rooms above the garage, which is exciting. But I fear were still probably a couple weeks out from actually living there. 😩 It’ll all be worth it in the end, right?!? And in the meantime, we had a nice little jaunt up to Chicago for Aaron’s birthday last week. We had tickets to see Jackson Browne & James Taylor at Wrigley Field, and the concert was awesome!! And it was nice to escape for 48 hours or so.

happy birthday to aaron!

Anywaysssss. So the main news at the house this week is about windows and doors. Let’s start with windows, shall we? If you recall, last week, I showed how we had sprayed the Marvin windows with a liquid masking stuff and then the Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (same as trim and casings). Well, this week, we took all the protective paper and tape down, then spent some time touching up paint. After that, we did the best part — peeling the mask and paint stuff off the glass. You guys, it was so cool. Aaron just went around the glass with a razor blade, and then it literally peeled off. Brilliant!! Highly recommend it.

this is after paper and tape were removed
kendall charcoal is such a great gray
window above kitchen sink
here’s aaron, cutting around with a razor blade
and then you just start to peel at a corner…
….and it starts to peel back…
And you keep peeling until the entire window is. clear!
aaron let me peel them all off. that’s true love.
sliding glass door, all gorgeous and ready for hardware
i cant wait for everyone to see the trim in person

Next up were doors. Brad was at the house today and got exterior doors painted! The front and back doors are Behr Allure, and we had the exterior of doors off the garage color matched to our siding color of Pacific Blue.

this was captured from the driveway when we realized our door was red!
inside of backdoor (don’t worry, the glass will be cleaned off)
inside of front door
one of the garage entrances

And that’s it! I’m dying to get everything done inside so we can pull up all the protective paper and clean. And then….and then….see the whole picture finished product. And actually start living in this dream home of ours!!

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