Week 38 Update

Time for another update. First and foremost:


We have a wine sink!! Woo hoo!! Okay, that’s obviously not true. A girl can dream, right?!

So what actually happened at the house this week? Let me tell you.

If you recall, last week Aaron and his dad got the mailbox post set. And then we got the mailbox put in place! Look how sweet it is!! Mom & Dad (with painting assist from Tony) got it for us for Christmas.

Cutest mailbox ever, right??

Aaron’s friend Rod helped us out by painting the windows. We got all the trim taped off, and then Rod went through and did his painting magic. But you guys, it’s legit magic. He first used this stuff call Masking Liquid H20, which gets sprayed over the wood AND the glass. And then the color (Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, just like the trim) went on top. So after it’s all dry, the paint and stuff legit just peels off the glass. It. Peels. Off. I can’t wait to show you a video. Next week.

So the weird haze on the glass is the liquid masking stuff.

A little glimpse of how it peels off.

Carpet is installed in the rooms above the garage. I love it!

I can’t wait to move stuff in here!

Rise Broadband came out and got internet hooked up. So we have internet! #priorities

It kind of looks like an alien basketball hoop, but it’s the satellite for internet!

The first phase of our master shower glass is in place, as of today. The door will come next. I can’t wait!

Door coming soon

Oh, that’s not shower glass. But we did get the other light hung in the master bathroom.

We are getting ready to fire up all our Nest Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. They are cray balls. They talk. And light up. And all the things.

Just waiting to be activated. And take over our home.

The under cabinet lighting is so amazing! It’ll look even better at night. At some point, I will be there late enough for it to be truly dark out to see them in all their glory.

So in last week’s post, I ended by saying that we were maybe going to start moving stuff in. That did not happen. Sadly. So I am not going to end this post by saying that, although I am hopeful…

One thought on “Week 38 Update

  1. My smoke detectors scream ‘fire, fire!’ all over the house, no matter where the fire is. (So, a fire in the basement will cause every smoke detector throughout the whole house to go off.) Unfortunately, I’ve had false alarms a couple of times and it is truly frightening! But at least I know they work. I bet that’s what yours will do. Hope you never have a false alarm! (Or a real one, but I’m sure you get my point.)


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