Week 37 Update

It’s Monday, so you know what that means — time for a blog post with some updates on what’s been going on down our long lane this past week!

We actually got some stuff done at the start of the long lane yesterday. We had asked the Township to widen the entrance to the lane a little bit, which they did a couple weeks ago. We had pulled out the mailbox (which was huge and awesome but full of holes from people shooting it. I don’t know why.) to make room for them to do their work, and as of yesterday, got the new mailbox post in. Aaron and his dad did some awesome work at the end of the driveway to prepare for the mailbox, dug the hole, etc. The mailbox itself will be set tonight, but for now, here’s a picture of the pretty new post!


I know they’ll hate that I post this pictures with them in it, but how amazing are those clouds behind them??
That there is good-lookin mailbox post, y’all

We also got other stuff done outside yesterday. Because we apparently are incapable of doing outside work on days that aren’t 92+ degrees and 7000% humidity. I mowed the  yard, which seems like it shouldn’t take long since the bulk of the property is trees…but somehow it takes 2+ hours. #workingonmytan Aaron and his dad trenched out a line from the house to the west edge of the property and set a 10 foot pole out there for mounting internet & satellite stuff to. So maybe by this weekend, we’ll have internet out there. Obviously, that is a priority. I don’t have any photos, because a) I was too sweaty and gross to even think about it and b) it would literally be pictures of dirt. And a pole. Use your imagination.


Aaron and Sparky Marky (HA!) got the pendant lights hung over the island and I could die. I love them so much. So beautiful!

Pretend that ugly ladder isn’t there
Much better. And swoonworthy.
Unrelated to lights, but Aaron and I did get the microwave set this weekend, too. And no, it shall not be remaining blue.

In addition, Mark got the ceiling fan up on the porch, which has already been put to good use. Even with a breeze, that fan really helps keep it manageable out there on hot days. And Mark got the exterior light up on the east side of the house. Oh! And I don’t have a photo of this part, but he also spent a lot of time last week getting our under-cabinet lighting up. I think the plan is to get it ready to turn on this week, so at that point, I’ll snap a picture. 🙂

Action shot!



The exterior door still needs painted. But you get the idea.

Brad got handles put on the interior doors and I dig them! We’ve been going for “modern farmhouse” and I think these paired with the craftsman-style doors hits the nail on the head! Brad has also been busy painting the trim in place, including the trim along the stairwell. It’s looking so so great!


It’s a bronze lever. Kind of hard to capture in photos.
But I think it gives a nice contrast.

Hard to tell, but trim on stairs is painted.

In the master bathroom, Aaron and I got our Kohler digital valve all up and running. It involved drilling through the tile to install, which will never not be terrifying. But it all went off without a hitch, and we have an awesome master shower now!

Plate: in place
I just realized I should’ve snapped a picture of the valve itself, which lives inside Aaron’s cabinet. It’s so cool!
Here’s the entire shower. The only thing missing is the glass, which is coming soon!
The blue tape marks where the glass is going to go. It’s not a design statement.

We also got the drain and everything hooked up on the clawfoot tub, so it’s now functional also! And you guys, it’s comfortable. I haven’t actually bathed in it yet or anything, but I mean… if we move in and can’t set the bed up right away, I might be able to sleep in that tub. It’s so comfortable. Not to mention pretty!

I just love it so much!



I snapped this pic out the window above the tub. Not a bad view.

So if all goes as planned, the insides of the windows will be painted in the next couple days. And we’ll then rip up all the protective floor cover (NO MORE SHOES IN THE HOUSE PEOPLE) and clean and omg maybe move all our stuff in. Holy smokes!!!!!


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