Week 36 Update

So apparently the gestation period for a massive home remodel is roughly the same as a human baby. #themoreyouknow

So let’s talk about this week. It’s been a really good one, you guys.  So strap in, because this is gonna be lengthy.


First of all, we found some remnants of our furry friend Rachel. Luckily I do not mean poop. I just mean some paw prints, which were surprisingly high up on the wall in the garage. She had mad hops, apparently.

We got our KitchenAid counter-depth refrigerator delivered and set in place. She is giving us some fits in actually leveling and fitting in the space appropriately, so she’s a work in progress. Also, apparently she is a she.

Brad got our little “mud room” bench all installed, and I love it! We call it a mud room, but it’s literally a cubby hole type thing in the hallway. Whatever. It counts.

The built-ins in the living room are fully set and shelved and crown molding-ed up. I can’t wait to start filling them with all the things!

All of these photos will be infinitely more exciting when taken with the hardwood floors exposed

Mark & Aaron got some of the pretty pretty vanity lights up in the master bathroom. They are hard to appreciate in photos, so you will just have to come see them in person because they’re amazing.


Definitely hard to capture their awesomeness
Just missing a mirror!
You can almost glimpse how pretty the glass is in this photo, but not quite. Seriously, come over and look at them.

The clawfoot tub also got reassembled and put in place in the master bathroom. Eeeek! Thanks to Mary Kay & Mark for coming over to help us get that thing wrassled into place.


We got the original built-in moved back into the house. It’s been living down in Grandma’s garage since we started, and now it’s back into its home!! Reminder: this was in the original dining room of the house, which is now the entryway. But we [read: Brad & Tom] built in a niche for it in the new dining room (which is what was the kitchen) and it fits perfectly!!

*cue angels singing*

Interior doors are finished and hung back in place. Handles should go on this week sometime, yay! And the troll door is even up!

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, you are pretty

Come in, all ye trolls

Brad got handles on the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I love how they make the room start to come together, especially in the kitchen!

Oh, and we have a dishwasher
This will be much more exciting when the countertops & floors are uncovered
But you get the idea with knobs & handles
Upstairs hall bath
Close-up in hall bathroom
Master bathroom
Master bathroom again

Mark got the big beautiful ceiling fan up in the living room, along with other electrical-y stuff. And he/Aaron – with a small assist from Gina – got some other lights up. You guys, we are getting to start hanging the “pretty” lights. This means we are getting close!!

Trust me, this is exciting
Light in entry way (we don’t have bulbs in it yet)
Light for above our yet-to-be-purchased dining room table

Brad got almost all of the closet shelving up. The only room left is the master closet…and that’s only left because Aaron and Gina are very indecisive and haven’t actually decided what to do in there. Anyone have closet tips???

Pantry (see the troll door at the bottom left?)
A bedroom closet
Here’s our master closet, shelfless. Help??

And that about wraps up this week of things. There are still a number of things to finish up, but that list is dwindling. We also had a brilliant idea to a mass amount of outdoor clean-up work. On Saturday. When it was like 95 degrees. Sorry, Dad! But thanks for your help!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Week 36 Update

    • 1. It’s a little absurd, yes. 2. It’s (for some reason) what we call this little door we put in between the garage and pantry. So we can unload groceries straight into the pantry instead of going up the stairs and weaving through the house. It’s small, so apparently it’s for trolls???


      • Oh my goodness! MAYBE I’ve heard of something like this before, but certainly never by that name. How funny! And handy 😉


  1. The Container Store will custom design an Elf closet shelf system for you for no charge. They hang from one ceiling track and are a lot more interesting than plain ole’ shelves!


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