Weeks 33 & 34 Update

I swear this isn’t a new trend. I have every intention of keeping the weekly updates going… But alas, just like the last update, this one accounts for a skipped week. The good news is that it means this is chock-a-block full of fun stuff. So. Here we go!

First of all, it’s been a wee bit of a rough day, so I’m going start off with a picture that Mom sent me tonight. So beautiful.

Start on the “mudroom” bench area:

Master shower all tiled up:

Kitchen getting ready for backsplash:

Mom sealed all the kitchen backsplash tile for us (thanks Mom!):

Yay kitchen backsplash!

What color will the front door be – what are your guesses???

Master shower so pretty!

We have working a/c!!

Oh wait, shower again! This time with granite edges installed. πŸ˜€

Oh hi, troll door!

Master shower (again). Yeah, these pictures are in no kind of order.Β 


Master shower (again) (again)
And we now have running water at the house!!! So exciting!!!

I think that does it for this week (and last). Until next week!

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