Weeks 31 & 32 Update

Uh oh, oops, and sorry. I missed updating the blog last week. It seemed like things were going too slowly to even be able to scrape together a mini-update, and yet now that I’m combining the last two weeks….it seems there is A LOT to talk about. So buckle up, this may get lengthy!

Last time we checked in, they were working on the porch, countertops had been templated (is that a legit verb?), the wash-up sink was installed in the garage, the teal cabinet was on its way to being whole again, and we had an appliance delivery.

Since then, Tom & co have started working on trim stuff, and Aaron and I have been spending quality time cleaning the attic & basement and getting ready to finish up all the duct work.

Other than that, there has been a lot happening around countertops and tile. Oh and cabinets. You know, little unexciting things like that. 😉

Note -it’s a little late and my iPad is acting up, so I’m giving up on formatting and captioning the pictures. I expect you’ll be able figure out what things are. Sorry for the laziness.  


hex tile in master bath ❤️
downstairs shower
upstairs shower floor (before it got wiped down)
close up of the bee yoo tiful tile!
upstairs shower – so gorg


the start of kitchen cabinets!!!
more kitchen pretty
upstairs bathroom cabinets!
one of the master vanities


slab of granite with the plastic templates so we could get just the part of the stone we wanted
same thing on the soapstone

Other cabinets:

General gorgeousness:

a glimpse of the kitchen backsplash

6 thoughts on “Weeks 31 & 32 Update

  1. Love, love your choice of kitchen cabinets (and everything else). Jill sends me updates, making it easy to follow along. So glad the four legged critter is gone. The double windows in kitchen with arched frame connecting cabinets is terrific!


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