Week 29 Update

Well, hello everybody!

‘Tis time for another farmhouse update. This past week, the following happened:

Dad got the field around our house planted. How exciting!?!

Planting Corn

Aaron mowed at the house for the first time. At this point, the only part that really can be mowed is on either side of the lane. Which doesn’t look like a lot, but took longer than our entire yard at our last house. I think we’re going to need a bigger lawn mower…

That’s a little mower

Mom, aka Mrs. Kravitz, rode her bike over to the house for a visit for the first time!

Mark has been a busy little electrical bee, getting lights hooked up and switches/outlets ready. We have a lot of can lights and he is getting them all up and running! It’s funny – we keep wandering through the house using our phone flashlights because it’s been 7 months of having no overhead lights, so we aren’t used to being able to flip a switch yet. I’m sure we’ll get there…

Aaron and I are working on getting the supply and return grates installed, as well as other heating/cooling stuff that goes right over my head.

supplies & returns in ceiling upstairs

So I guess that’s about it for this week…….

Oh wait. What’s that? You remember me saying last week that there would be something about cabinets?? No one wants to see cabinets, do they??? It’s not like cabinets are the most exciting thing in the world that make this house look like something we can actually live in….oh wait! Yes they do!!! You guys, I love them so much. They are far from done — in the kitchen, we have to wait for countertops to be installed before Brad can finish installing cabinets. But, you get the idea. They are so beautiful!!

built-in in living room 😍
farmhouse sink in kitchen
Double vanity & closet in upstairs hall bath

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