Week 25 Update

So the main news this week is that we have a raccoon in our house. Well. We presume it’s a raccoon based on the footprints and poop presents he’s been leaving us. Footprints on walls and cabinets….poop on the floor. Pee heaven only knows where. *sigh* It’s sorta funny, except when you think about the fact that it’s loose in the house wreaking havoc in places we both can and can’t see. Right at the time that the hardwood floor is set to be stained. But that can’t happen if there is a critter on the loose. Eesh. So we are a week into trying to catch the little *insert curse word here* before he ruins everything. Or SHE has babies in our attic somewhere. Say a little prayer.

An exciting non-raccoon-related thing this week is that we picked up our refinished 100-year old claw foot tub. We had it powder coated – it looks great! And we’re going to spray the feet with a chrome paint.


we can actually see the design on the feet!


so pretty !


Otherwise, things are at a bit of a standstill. We’re playing with trim and doors to get things finalized. We had a water softener installed. We’ve been looking at various stain colors for the floor. We had the world’s largest propane tank installed – one step closer to having heat! Oh, and the siders have been chugging away on the Big Blue House.


yes, this a photo of a water softener





yeah, that’s a 1000 gallon propane tank

I know we’re very wah wahhhhh these days, but we also KNOW that we’re getting closer and everything will work out in the end. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Week 25 Update

  1. So sorry about the critter invasion. You have worked so hard only to have this uninvited guest mess things up. Admire your enthusiasm on all projects and the fact that you take such pleasure in results!

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