Week 24 Update

The theme of this week’s post is the following:


To be perfectly honest, it’s been a rough week. Don’t worry, nothing catastrophic has happened (*knock on wood*), but stress levels have been running high and there have been lots of projects in various states of “on hold” or “held up” or “pissing us off.” So if you see either Aaron or I and ask how we are, we will probably answer like Ross does and then run away from you so we don’t have to talk about it. You’ve been warned.

So, here is what’s been going on at the house:

All of the hardwood floors have been installed. If you recall, we are saving the original 100-year old hardwood floors but since we moved walls and added on to the house, there were places where the floors had to be patched with new wood, and new wood needed to be put down in some places. So that process is officially complete – huzzah! And this means that the refinishing process can really ramp up. There has been a lot of sanding and buffing and soon there will be staining. Actually, as of today, there is no going upstairs. It’s off limits until Jim and his crew finish up there.

Aaron and I have spent more time in the basement working on vents and ducts and all kinds of super fun stuff.

We actually have lights overhead in a few places in the house. It’s amazing!

Our cabinets have actually been delivered, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to wait and show them in a great big kitchen reveal, or if I’m going to give sneak peeks. So for now, no pictures. But they’re so pretty I could cry. So there’s that. Another thing that happened this week was that we went by our counter top place and looked at the slabs of soapstone that will become our kitchen counters. Again, so pretty. So so so pretty.

We got the teal cabinet upstairs and stowed away in the bonus space above the garage. It proved to be quite a task to get it up there. Part of it went with no problems. The big hutch….not so much. After trying it every way they could think of, Aaron and co. ended up cutting it down to get it up the stairs, and then we’ll put it back together in the laundry room. But hey, it’s up there. And will still be my Big Teal Wonder.

 So there you have it. It feels like it’s been a week of standstills, but it appears we’re still getting somewhere!! Say a prayer for us and/or send us some good thoughts. I know this is all exciting and wonderful…but it’s also exhausting and stressful. So happy thoughts are welcome!


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