Week 22 Update

First of all, I have to start this post by saying that I woke up today EXCITED for the Olympics. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or the fact that I’m starting to see media spots with US Team Athletes on social media or what, but I am so pumped and ready for the Rio Summer Games. For the record, they start in 150 days. I’m just saying. YOU GUYS. We’ll have an Olympic party at the house!! For the Opening Ceremony. Or on a random Wednesday night when they’re showing swimming in prime time. Or something. Man. We can set up makeshift balance beams out of leftover 2x4s from construction and have fake gymnastic competitions. #wouldntbethefirsttime

Well, before we can throw Olympic parties, we need to finish the house. And we’ve been making more good progress this week, so we’re on the right track! Let me give you the scoop:

  • Siding continues to go up. They are working on the south side of the house now, and have the soffit up on the entire porch. It is SO pretty.
  • We have operational garage doors!! It’s hard to show in pictures how exciting this is. But trust me, it’s pretty wonderful.
  • Our hardwood flooring guys have been hard at work laying the new floor where necessary, sanding down existing floor and stairs, etc. It’s kind of amazing to watch them work.
  • We have finally finished with all of the waterproofing in the rooms that will have tile. And tile continues to get put down. Slowly but surely, it’s all starting to come together!
  • Aaron and Mike got to work on the furnace and ductwork in the basement, as well as got the water heaters down there. It’s starting to look like a mechanical room!
  • Speaking of mechanical stuff, we also got the air conditioner units set in place over the weekend. We all know that a/c is important to Gina….

I think that about sums it up for this past week. Cabinets are set to be delivered the end of this month, we should have all of our lighting in by next week, the claw foot tub is all done being refinished and now we just have to  try to find time to get down to Charleston, IL to pick it up, and I think we finally have finalized our porch floor. Woo hoo!!

giphy 3
Now, on to the pictures. Click on one to start a slideshow with captions.


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