Week 21 Update

Well, this house project is officially old enough to drink. I mean, sure, it’s 21 weeks, not 21 years. And it’s an inanimate object, so wouldn’t be able to drink if it wanted to. But other than that, this is a perfectly normal way of thinking about your house, right?

Nope. We can all agree it makes no sense. And I’m just slap happy enough to leave that intro up there. That’s what stress and not enough sleep will do to you. How do you people who have kids function at any kind of normal capacity???

ANYWAY. The house. We’ve been working on installing the Schluter underlayment in the rooms where we will have tile. And our new friend Stacy (Stacey? I’m not sure how he spells his name) has been hard at work getting started on laying tile. Flooring is the name of the game at our house these days. And will continue to be so in the weeks ahead, as Jim Sadorus and his crew are going to get started with refinishing our hardwood floors. Eek!


working on the master ahower base


working on the master shower base


master shower


the one remaining piece of lath. a tribute.


siders have been working


master shower base


entry way uncoupling membrane


ditra in entry way


pantry (with photobomb by the troll door)


thinset + trowel = pretty


starting on the downstairs shower


downstairs shower done!


tile in laundry room


laundry room done!


blue house!


tile in upstairs bathroom


tile in entry way


downstairs wood floor ready to be refinished


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