Week 19 Update

This is going to be a quick one, as there really isn’t a ton to report.

Drywall guys kept working their magic all last week, and should be finishing up with texture on the ceiling and sanding and stuff this week. Which means that Tom and co will be painting this week! How flipping exciting is that???

Aaron and I spent a very romantic Valentine’s Day up in the attic, installing the furnace and duct work. Turns out, it’s a time-consuming job. We spent a few evenings last week working on it as well. We really do know how to party.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything to report. Crazy, right?? If all goes as planned, we will have more exciting updates in the coming weeks  — paint, flooring will get started, siding guys will get more done, etc. We are doing things like finalizing our tile choices, trying to figure out what kind of flooring to do on the wraparound porch (Tom has been asking us for literally months. We are not great decision makers), experimenting with how to go about cleaning all the wood trim and making it pretty again, etc. So there is plenty we’re working on.

In an effort to keep this from being the world’s DULLEST blog post, I have thrown together a couple “mood boards” (for lack of a better word) that show some of our design choices for the kitchen/downstairs in general, as well as for the master bathroom. Now, don’t judge me on these suckers — I threw them together in powerpoint in like 8 minutes. So they aren’t very pretty, but they will give you a (very) general sense of what some of our spaces are going to look like.

master bath mood board

downstairs  mood board



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