Week 16 Update

You guys, I can’t think of anything fun or clever or exciting to open this post with. So. Insert funny things here.

Man, that was hilarious! Now, on to the house stuff. It was another week of really exciting but not overly photogenic stuff. So I will give you a quick list of the awesome things happening this week, and then I’ll give you some photos to scroll through. Here we go…

  • Mark the Magician continued doing his wiry (wirey? No, I think wiry) thang and just has to finish up wiring the panels in the garage and then we’ll, like, have power and all that. And we also got the last of the can lights, both inside and outside, wired up and ready to go.
  • Aaron and co worked on getting the furnace up to the attic to get prepared for installation. And they got more duct stuff figured out and ready.
  • Insulators started and finished last week — eek! They did a layer of foam in most places, and then sprayed cellulose over it. Our house is noticeably warmer already. Although the warmer weather does help as well. But it’s crazy how much of a difference it has made!
  • And, ring the alarm, because dry wallers started today!! The got all the drywall loaded in AND got the ceiling drywall hung in just about the entire upstairs. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!
  • Aaron and I got started with prepping the built-in for refinishing. What if I become one of those people who starts redoing furniture for fun???? Man, I hope so.

So there you go. We’ve been picking out finishes left and right -paint and tile and lighting and stuff. We can actually start thinking about how it’s really going to look when it’s put all back together! Stay tuned for more….

p.s. I’m having to post this from the WordPress app on my phone and it’s being a little funky. So the pictures are in a bit of a random order…


foam insulation in the attic


foam insulation in the walls


foam insulation around front door


more foam insulation


a view down the stairs


and now with the cellulose insulation!


getting the supply/return vents ready


cellulose insulation


a view of the house!


insulation in the garage


icicles on the house!


got the supply/return vents painted!


can lights on the porch


any excuse for a picture of the front door 😀


do you think we have animals around the house?? 😉




Aaron’s ongoing list for the past few weeks


working on the built-in


sand sand sand


loading drywall into the house (photo courtesy of Bill Stierwalt)


that’s drywall on the ceiling!




master bedroom ceiling drywall


cute little helper tonight


the first troll through the troll door


cutest troll


this is how I stand and look out our windows too


Jack helped us clean up drywall pieces



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