Week 15 Update

We are at the stage in this process where things are happening, lots of things, all the time, but they are hard to show without putting you to sleep. But I’m going to try! And if I fail…..have a great nap. Dream of a finished house for me. Kthanks.

So, all of last week, while I was in Vegas for a conference for work, Aaron was cranking out stuff on his to do list (which was written on a giant piece of cardboard and nailed to a stud. You know me, I love lists, so this whole situation made me pretty happy.) He got all the water lines organized and secured, and then tied in to the manifold. This means we will be able to have running water. Which I appreciate as a human living in 2016. Ultimate Electrical Warrior Mark continued to do his thing and pulled wire like a superhuman. He also did other wire stuff but heaven help me I don’t understand what it was.

So let’s jump ahead to this past weekend. We had a crew at the house to complete all kinds of stuff to get ready for the insulators to come this week. Everything from making up outlet boxes to pulling wire (I believe Mark said there is something like 8100 feet of wire pulled through the house. Holy smokes) to installing duct work to major clean up throughout the house to setting more can light and electrical boxes. And more. It was a big week, and I’m happy to say that as of last night, we are ready for the insulators!

The last of the updates includes some stuff not at the house. Aaron and I got our countertops ordered (eeeeek, I love them – so pretty!). We also got the claw foot tub taken in for some refinishing magic, and have started getting ready to work on the built-in that was in the kitchen and will soon be in the laundry room.

I guess that’s a decent summary. The main thing we’ll remember from the past week was that it was COLD. Super cold. Insanely cold. The good news is that with a space heater running and enough work to be done and enough layers worn, it was possible to keep warmish. Now, on to a few photos! If you click on the first picture, it will open a slideshow.




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