Week 14 Update

This week is all about the doors and windows. And you know what Andy Dwyer says about windows…


I mean, more happened this week than door/window-related projects, but those are the biggest and most exciting. So let’s dive right in!

Look at our pretty garage doors!

The start of the window install

That one there will be above the kitchen sink

Not installed yet. But so pretty! (also, unpainted currently)

Windows window windows!

Just love these windows (I wish I had better lighting so you could see them better)

My kitchen sink windows again. All the interiors are wood, which we’ll need to stain at some point.


Okay, these are the world’s most boring pictures. Sorry…

You can see some windows in there.

They are black exteriors, and they’ll have white trim around them.

Back entry door! Once again, primed but not yet painted.

Exterior door to garage. More prettiness!

Garage windows

View out onto the porch

Eeeeek! Sliding glass door out to the porch! I love it so much.

I mean, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Oh wait, this might be as beautiful. I’m obsessed with our front door.

Close up of the dentil

Here’s the front door from the inside.

And last snapshot of some windows
 Other than those big, epic, exciting, major additions to the house, the things checked off the to do list were decidedly less photo worthy. Aaron has been cruising through his list of plumbing and heating-related things. Duct work, insulating the dryer vent, getting exterior spigots (fun fact: also called sillcocks), etc. And Ninja Electrician Mark was at it again with wiring. In fact, he took the time to teach me what to do with the wiring in outlet boxes. You guys, I’m not very good at it. Although it didn’t help that it was literally 12 degrees yesterday when I was trying. That’s also part of the reason there aren’t any photos, by the way. It was just too dang cold to take the gloves off to snap pictures!

So there you have it. A much sparser post than last week, but still some excitement down at the farmhouse.


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