Week 13 Update

I’m going to jump right in, because this week has been awesome. It was the 2nd week Aaron and I were off work and able to focus completely on the house every day. And it shows!


  • We picked out all our lighting fixtures at Tepper Electric. It was a long, but fun, process. I can’t wait to see everything hung up in place (which won’t be happening for a good long while…)
  • Tom & Brad Mumm are the Dream Makers. “If we can’t make it happen, you don’t need it.” Don’t you think they need T-shirts with that on it or something??The Dream Makers
  • Insulation and drywall went up in the bathrooms around where the tub/shower bases are going so we could get those placed. drywall
  • They got a few more framing things done in the house – the hole cut in for the 9 foot sliding door between the dining room and covered porch, the spot for the built-in is fully framed in, etc.Slider
  • We started drilling holes for the pex pipe, which is for the water lines.


  • Roofers got started, which was wildly exciting. ShinglesRoofRoof
  • At the same time, the framers were back working on the amazingness that is our wraparound porch.
  • Aaron and I got all the vents up through the roof for the various necessary plumbing pipes, so the roofers could work around them.vents
  • We also got the boxes placed for the pendant lights going above the island.placing light box
  • Aaron and his dad got the fan/lights installed in all of the bathrooms.fan vent
  • I got my hair cut and colored, which has nothing to do with the house but was an excellent thing that happened on Wednesday.


  • The roofers were back.
  • The framers were back, and finished up the porch. And I’m in love. And we have skylights!
  • We worked on more plumbing stuff throughout the day.img_6254pex
  • I had big plans for New Year’s Eve — Aaron and I were going to work at the house until midnight and ring in the new year. BUT, it was really cold and I got pretty whiny, so we only made it until 11:15pm before we headed for home. But after a full 15+ hours at the house that day, I was happy to be warm under blankets at home when the clock struck 12.


  • We got the drain installed in the downstairs shower
  • We also got can lights placed throughout the houseimg_6256img_6261
  • The dining room and entry light box were installed
  • The tub in the upstairs hall bathroom was installed, as well as some other plumbing stuff.img_6234


  • We had a crew on Saturday, so were able to knock out quite a bit of stuff!
  • The roof was finished. WE HAVE A ROOF! And it’s so beautiful.img_6264img_6265img_6267
  • The hardwood floor in the hallway upstairs got cut and pulled up where necessary, so we can better incorporate it with the new wood that will have to be laid.
  • More plumbing was set
  • And holes were drilled and pex pipe was pulled for about half the house. It’s quite a feat to run this stuff from the basement up through the first floor and to the second floor. It took a crew of us, but we knocked out a lot!img_6266
  • More can lights were set and we got some good clean-up done in the house.


  • The downstairs shower head plumbing was set, and they also got the shower base installed img_6270
  • We got pex run to the kitchen and master bathroom, which means that virtually all the pex is run! So plumbing is in good shape.
  • Electrical beast Mark was a wiring monster yesterday and got all the wire pulled on the 2nd floor. You guys, that is so much wire. You don’t even know. It’s amazing.img_6268

So that’s it for Lucky Week #13. Shewie. I’m tired all over again just from typing it all out!! As of today, I am back at work. But Aaron is still full-timing it out at the house in an attempt to knock out as much as possible. Oh, and I don’t remember which day this happened, but we also got the heating/cooling system ordered (thanks to Bryce for his massive help on this!). This week, we should be getting garage doors, windows and doors, and who knows what other surprises!! And we are happy. img_6257


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