Week 12 Update

Down a long lane and across a pond?

So. It’s been rainy here the past more-than-a-few days, which has made the mud around our house…muddier. It’s a swamp. A marsh, if you will. Get it??? But that hasn’t slowed progress too terribly bad, believe it or not! And it has been a VERY exciting week for us!


Big stuff first — the framers have been busy busy busy, both inside and outside. Let me show you some pictures!

Aaron and his trusty helper (me) have been working on plumbing and electrical this week as well. We got all the PVC pipe roughed in (that’s for waste. Ew.) and started on sweating the copper pipe. Using solder and flux. Those are real words. Did you know that? And I know what they are. I mean, don’t ask me to define them. But. I know what to do with them. When Aaron tells me. Oh, and electrical wizard Mark came over and spent quality time with us in the cold to lay out all electrical switch and outlet boxes. Turns out that takes a long time and a lot of thought. And I am neither patient nor thoughtful. BUT, we got it pretty much figured out and Aaron and I actually spent the day today (Monday) setting boxes throughout the house. More than 100 boxes. I should actually count them. I know you are all interested in how many blue boxes are nailed to studs in our house.

So there you have it. Another busy week behind us. More busy weeks ahead of us. We need to finish with roughing in water lines, electrical stuff, heating/cooling shenanigans, etc. Plenty to do. Which is new and different for us. Please cross your fingers for non-freezing weather for us as we continue to work out there with heat. kthanksbye


2 thoughts on “Week 12 Update

  1. Another great blog. Makes me (almost) wish I had been there working – not just showing up with Riley to wander around talking. Very proud of all you guys are doing – going to make you love that big ol’ house even more!


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