Week 11 Update

Happy Week-of-Christmas, readers! It’s a little insane to think we’re almost to Christmas, considering it’s like 60 degrees outside right now. HOWEVER, given the fact that we are working in and on a house that isn’t fully enclosed yet, I’m 100,000% okay with the current weather. We had a few chilly nights/days throughout the past week, and I’d much rather not be wearing 6 layers, a head-warmer thing, a hat, and 2 hoods while working. So, while everyone may be sad it won’t be a white Christmas this year, I. Am. Not. 🙂

Okay, on to the actual update. This week has been another big one. Aaron has started roughing in plumbing, so I’ve gotten a few lessons in plumbing pipe and fittings. Need a 1.5″ street 45? I can get that for you.  Need me to cut down a piece of 2″ PVC with a band saw? I can do that (as long as the measurements don’t have to be exact….sometimes the PVC gets away from me. I’m a dainty girl.) ANYWAY. Yay for indoor plumbing!

Aaron and his friend/electrician guru Mark got the panels set in the garage, which is a step closer to running all the wire throughout the house. Yay for electricity!


There have been a few miscellaneous things over the past week as well: getting nails out of the all the hardwood we pulled up from the upstairs to save for patching in floors before refinishing. Oh yeah, that hopefully gives a hint that we have pretty much decided to save the floors and proceed as planned with having them refinished. Anyway, got the nails out and got the flooring moved out of the way. We did some pretty major picking up/cleaning up the house to try to get reset for the next steps. We have been picking out some finishes, like faucets and shower trim and all that jazz.

And because I can’t think of a really good segue to the following gif, I will just present it to you as a reflection of the time of year and the excitement I feel over what’s getting done and the binge-watching of Parks and Recreation we have been doing when we’re not working on the house…


Okay. Now that that’s out of the way… onto the BIG stuff. Tom and Brad and the framers have been busy little bees this past week, and you guys, you can really see what our house is going to look like when it’s done. It’s amazing. Also, huge. Apparently I can’t very effectively look at plans on paper and visualize what they’ll actually look like when built, because holy smokes… This is a big house. Guess we’re going to have to start throwing some big ol parties. Play your cards right, and you could be invited.




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