Week 9 Update

Well, compared to other weeks, this update is going to be rather short. But it’s packing a punch, because some big stuff got done this week. High fives all around!


So. Let’s get specific. The big things that happened this week:

  • We have a garage floor! They got it all packed with sand (apparently that’s a thing before a foundation is poured?) and Aaron and Dad got the floor drains and such installed, and then they poured concrete! It’s so pretty. And exciting. Pretty exciting. And yes, I’m excited about concrete. #adulting


  • Tom and Brad have been busy inside the house with tearing down and rebuilding walls. We can really see what this place is going to look like. I might have screamed a little when I walked in the door on Friday after having been traveling for work all week. It might have scared the concrete guys who were outside and heard it. It’s hard telling. But come on, wouldn’t you be excited, too??

View from living room into kitchen

View from kitchen into dining room

View from dining room into kitchen

View from living room into foyer

What will be our master bathroom

master closet

The wall directly in front of the camera will be going away. So the photo is from inside the master bedroom, looking towards the master bath and closet.

  •     We got the last of the old wiring, pipe, and duct work out the basement and house. Dull but necessary task: completed.

We have a few big decisions to make ASAP. Let me make another list! Lists are my favorite!*

  1. Heating/cooling system. It’s a blessing and a curse that this is Aaron’s area of expertise, because he knows what all the options are. And narrowing down to the best option for us is proving difficult.
  2. Along the lines of #1, we are debating whether or not to supplement heating with a wood burning stove. We are looking at a Vermont Casting model, probably in the gorgeous Bordeaux color. But don’t know for sure that it will fit in the space we have, or if it’s necessary, or if we can afford it.
  3. no carpet
    Look at those floors!
    This is the biggie – flooring. So if you recall, way back in the first week of work, we uncovered some really lovely hardwood floors. Well, it turns out that by moving as many of the walls as we did, we made things hard on ourselves. You see, moving walls = uncovering areas that don’t have hardwood on them. Which means they’ll need patched. Combine that with the fact that we’re also going to have to get new floor to lay down in what will be the dining room and we could very well end up with a floor that looks like a patchwork quilt. Oh, and in at least one spot, the floors on either side of a ‘hole’ don’t line up. Or we could pull up the whole floor and lay new floor down throughout. Neither option is perfect. Of course we want to save the floors, but the sanding and refinishing process is not a cheap or quick one, and we don’t want to end up with a floor we aren’t happy with. But of course, our other option is to lay all new floor, which is ALSO expensive and time-consuming (although since we can lay a new floor ourselves, could actually end up being cheaper than refinishing). So. Stay tuned.

So the level on the ground goes across an area that would need patched, but the flooring on either side doesn’t line up.

There are many such ‘holes’ throughout the house that will need patched in with either new hardwood or pieces we can salvage from elsewhere in the house…
That does it for this week!

*This is obviously a reference to Elf. Enjoy.




6 thoughts on “Week 9 Update

  1. When we moved walls on our old house we had to do some patching. You can’t even tell. If you haven’t been to PACA yet you need to go. We have purchased registers some flooring and a few other things. It’s great when your looking to stay with the period of the house. Come look some time at our floor sometime.


  2. I ripped up 50 year old carpeting (yes, really) that covered up patched hardwood floors. I had my floors refinished and feel like the patching adds character and reminds me of previous features of the house. Granted, my patches are pretty minor, but just saying…. Can you keep some of the original flooring, or move some elsewhere to fill in places?


  3. Carolyn, Do you happen to have any photos of the patched floor??? That’s part of our problem – we can’t really picture how it will look! I tend to agree that the patches could add character, but I don’t want the “character” to be all we can see! 🙂


  4. My patches are (I believe) all where old registers or floor vents were….??? So they are small and against walls. My room transitions are all consistent. But in 1960 an addition was put on and then the house was carpeted so there wasn’t any hardwood in that part when I pulled up the carpeting. I had new hardwood put down. It doesn’t quite match, but I also have area rugs over those places so it’s hardly noticeable. You’re welcome to come over sometime and see it (with as much spare time as you have).


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