Week 8 Update

Let’s see. What’s new this week…. Many things! Let me tell you.

  • Block layers were back this past week and got the entire addition and garage block laid. They got a few courses of the piers, which will support the porch, done. Tom went through and back-filled the areas around the piers so the block guys could finish the block courses on those. Then they’ll be ready to be bricked.


This will be our 3-car garage.


Garage and supplies


Addition and garage view


  • On the interior of the house, we got all of the pipes, wiring, and duct work taken out. The wiring was pretty cool, actually. It’s called Knob-and-Tube wiring, and is really quite an ingenious way to run electricity. I mean, it was 100 years old and can be hazardous, which is why we removed it. But of course, in my haste, I didn’t take photos. So you can read a little bit about it on the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors website, as well as on Wikipedia (some of the photos on that entry could have been taken in our house, for real).
  • Roofers came out and tore off the existing roof, as well as removed the chimneys (yes, plural…there were 2 chimneys and no fireplace) down to below the roof line. They put paper on the roof to seal it a bit until we are ready for them to come back and put the new roof on. Sadly, with the rain we got pretty much immediately after they finished, there were some leaks. But we put some buckets — and in one spot, a big cooler — out until they came back Saturday morning to fix it. So all’s well that ends well! Oh, and speaking of the rain, we got some house wrap around the first floor to help with some leaks as well. And speaking of rain again, our home is now situated in a really lovely mud pit. Don’t come over unless you are prepared to wade through some serious slop.


Some mud, with a house


  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and even got to show off the craziness that’s down our long lane to the out-of-towners. Please enjoy this cute kid picture so you can see why exactly we enjoyed our day off so much.

  • We finalized all our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry with Helmuth Custom Kitchens out of Arthur. Eeek!!! It’s a big ticket item, but an EXCITING one to be getting done. I can’t wait until there are pictures to show of this.
  • Back to those chimneys I mentioned earlier…between Saturday mid-morning and noon on Sunday, we got both chimneys completely out of the attic, second, and first floors. I wish I would’ve counted bricks as we pulled them. You guys, it was so many bricks. And it was so dirty. But talk about instant gratification — it was amazing seeing that each and every brick we pulled off was getting us closer to the floor. So – yay for that!! Each section of the chimney removal went the same, so here are a few pictures of the last one we took down.


The final portion of the final chimney, just waiting to be taken down


Getting the chimney started was the hardest part!


But once it starts coming down, it goes pretty quickly.


Where the chimney used to be.


We were tired and dirty afterwards.


  • We spent a few hours yesterday (Sunday) cleaning out the large items from the basement. It was one area of the house that was still very full of stuff (I mean, whose basement isn’t full of stuff), and since once the porch is done, we won’t have an exterior door to the basement anymore, we wanted to clean out the big stuff while we still had that door. There was some cool stuff down there, which we are saving, and some not so cool stuff, which we aren’t.
  • As of today, Tom and Brad were back at the house doing more work on the exterior. They back filled around the last of the piers, cleaned up some stuff around the house, and started packing sand in the garage. This means we’re getting closer to having the foundation poured in the garage, and then comes framing. Wheeeeeeeee!!


Mud, anyone?


Our garage has sand in it! On purpose!

Aaaaaand that’s lumber. With which to frame. Our garage. Where we will park our cars. At some point in the future. When this is over.


This is the stuff dreams are built with.

You guys, this is all so exciting. And not just because we are pretty much through the portion of the project that requires wearing face masks, although I’m pretty stoked that’s over. [My poor nose has so many clogged pores from all of this. Ugh. #keepingitreal]. But more so because this means we’re getting close to seeing some pretty major changes to both the exterior and interior over the coming days/weeks!!



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