Week 7 Update

Hello. It’s me.

Now that Adele is playing, let’s have her sing the soundtrack to this blog post. Because she’s about as exciting as it gets around here! This week was another busy one, except not in an exciting, blog-worthy way. If you recall, last week’s update showed that we got all the lath down, along with the crazy blown-in fiberglass insulation. But we had a lot of insulation clean-up to do. Well, that is what we did this week.

We spent some more quality time getting covered by insulation while we cleaned it up. And Saturday’s weather around here was…unpleasant. And we don’t currently have heat in the house. So, it’s a good thing there was some hard work to be done, because otherwise we would’ve been REALLY cold. And once we got all the insulation piles cleaned up, we then proceeded to fill a shop vac with insulation from the places we couldn’t reach. And then we filled it again. And again. And again. But hey — that nasty insulation is OUT OF THE HOUSE HOORAY!

After that, we spent all kinds of quality time pulling nails. You see, all that lath we pulled down off every wall and ceiling was nailed in. So every place where the nail didn’t come out with the lath, there was a nail to pull. I mean, we’re talking thousands of nails, you guys. But, as of yesterday, all nails are pulled throughout the entire house.

Outside the house, we had block layers come one day last week and get started laying block. They will hopefully be finishing up this week, then we will have more exterior updates to share. We don’t really have control over that stuff, so cross your fingers that things get done soon, before Mother Nature really turns on her wintery charm…

Additional updates: Doors and windows are ordered, as are garage doors. Trusses will be coming in soon. Roof should be off soon as well. We’re in the process of finalizing kitchen design (thanks to Amy at These Four Walls and lots of input from our parents), as well as cabinetry for the whole house. We’ll be ripping out the old electrical, plumbing, and duct work this week. Progress = FUN!

So now, some photos. Nothing we did was super duper photo-worthy, so there are just some random ones here. But I get in trouble if I don’t include pictures, so ask and you shall receive!



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