Week 6 Update

You know, these blog posts are the only way I really know how far we are into this project. Whenever I try to think back to when we started, I can’t remember. I can’t remember a time when we weren’t working on the house every waking moment. But I can think back to my last blog post title to recall exactly how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time. For a refresher of where we started, look at the Week 1 Update, then look here, here, here, and here to get fully caught up.

So if you recall, this time last week, they were getting footings dug. Well, they have since got the footings poured, and the block was delivered. Which means they’re going to start putting this foundation together today (hopefully). And hopefully they can make some good progress before the rain hits. The block is the first step to getting the porch, addition, and garage framed up. Then we’ll really be able to start seeing what our house is going to look like! 🙂

On the inside of the house, we spent a lot of quality time pulling down lath, the wooden slats nailed up to the studs behind the plaster. So while getting the plaster down and out of the house over the last couple weeks was a huge deal, getting the lath down off of every wall was even huger. Why? Because on all exterior walls, as well as the upstairs ceiling, there was blown in insulation behind the lath. This is some crazy stuff. Imagine pulling down a wall or ceiling and have tons of fluffy white stuffing fall on you. Wait, that makes it sound not bad. It’s bad. Luckily we had some more amazing helpers this weekend (who will probably forever avoid our calls now), so we managed to get all the lath and insulation down. We do still have some major insulation clean-up to do, as it was too windy yesterday to chuck it out the window into a truck. So our downstairs kind of looks…insane. Flat out insane. Full of insulation.

So, in the big picture of projects, we’ve got a pretty huge one nearly knocked out. Cleaning up the house to get ready for next steps should only take one million years, so we’re sitting pretty. Ha. But in the world of this blog post, it’s pretty slim pickins. I guess every week can’t be full of a dozen different completed projects…. if only!! Some pictures of our week of fun are below…




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