Week 5 Update

Well here we are with 5 weeks of work behind us. And what a busy 5 weeks it has been! Every night after work, every day each weekend, plus tons of help from tons of people (seriously, I have started a list and we have had 15 people help us in one way or the other thus far)…we are spending lots of quality time out at the farmhouse, that’s for sure. So, on to the good stuff. What got done at the house this week? Let me tell you. 


Siding: removed!
We had a crew on major plaster demo throughout the rest of the house!
Danny was a monster on that lath and plaster
The Dream Team owned cleaning up the plaster upstairs. Also, my shirt choice is fitting since this picture is with my mom and mother-in-law
I didn’t want Mark to feel left out of the photo fun
We got plaster removed and cleaned up from the entire upstairs
We got plaster removed and cleaned up from the entire upstairs
Cleaning up the stairs was….crazy….
All lath, no plaster
What. A. Mess.
Tom came out on Sunday to mark out the porch in preparation for pouring footings
BOOM. All the plaster and ceiling lath cleaned up from the entire downstairs!
Another view of the lovely cleaned up room
A view of the original wiring
cast iron pipe we unveiled
A few of the crew members even got some of the lath down from a wall in the living room
And today, they dug for the footings!
Holes in the ground! Where things will go!
So. I actually remembered to take pictures  this time — aren’t you proud of me!? So in addition to getting ALL of the plaster down and out of the house, we got lath down from the downstairs ceiling. So we have upstairs ceiling lath to do, plus wall lath from the rest of the house. But having the plaster down is huge. We also spent some quality time at a building supply place, picking out windows and exterior doors (we are keeping the original interior doors). And we picked up siding samples and are narrowing down our options. Exciting!! Have an opinion or guess what we’re leaning towards? Let’s hear it in the comments!

So. There you have it. Another big week behind us, and many more ahead of us! We are wearing quite a path down this long lane of ours… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Week 5 Update

  1. What a week you (we) had! But even with all that work – I think there were smiles all around and lets not forget the doughnuts and Snickerdoodles!!!

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