Week 4 Update

What a week! We are finally at the point where plaster demo has begun. To get to that point, we had to do a whole lot of moving stuff out of the house, cleaning up, etc. I traveled for work a bit last week, and was down and out on Thursday & Friday night with a bad headache, so Aaron and Dad get most of the credit for what happened during the week. What happened on Saturday, though, was a huge team effort and I get weepy thinking about how great our family is to give up so much time to help us on this crazy ride!! Things that happened in the past week:

  • All light fixtures down and out of the house
  • The built-in from the dining room safely moved out and stored off-site. We will reinstall this in the dining room at the end.
  • The built-in and sink/counter-top from the kitchen carefully disassembled, moved out, and stored off-site. We are considering using the kitchen built-in in the laundry room, and we haven’t 100% decided what we’re going to do with the sink/counter-top combo, but I’m sure we’ll think of something!
  • All bathroom fixtures removed. We saved the sinks and will likely sell or donate them. We saved the tub and plan to clean it up and have it in our master bathroom.
  • The painted trim from the kitchen, closets, and upstairs bathroom was all removed. We hadn’t removed it in the initial go-round because we are silly. But also because particularly in the closets, the trim was different and didn’t seem worth saving, stripping down, and staining to match. But either way, it’s all gone and we got all the shelving and stuff out of the closets as well.
  • All doors removed, wrapped, removed, and stored off-site.
  • All floors covered with Ram Board. This even includes the stairs, which was quite a task.
  • And then plaster down out of 2 of the bedrooms!

Things will hopefully keep moving quickly. Next up, we’ll be focusing on getting that plaster down and O-U-T of the house. It will be neither fun nor pleasant, but on the plus side, we will have epic arm muscles when all is said and done. Because currently? I can hold the sledge hammer for about 10 seconds before starting to whine. So what I’m saying is we’ll be charging admission to the gun show pretty soon. Also, if you have any aggression that you would like to work out, we have a sledgehammer with your name on it. Seriously. I will write your name on a sledgehammer if you come help us.

Anywayyyyyyy. Outside of the plaster stuff we’ll be doing on the inside, we have a roofer dude coming out this week to tear off the existing roof. We have Schoonover coming out to camera the line from the house to the septic tank (I bet that camera will take all kinds of beautiful pictures) so we can make sure roots haven’t grown into the lines, see what type of pipes are used, etc. We basically want to know if anything needs replaced before we get going on the porch. And that’s the last part of what is happening soon — general contractor will be coming out this week to start on his wee project of a garage, addition, and porch.

In the words of Miss Penny Lane: It’s all happening!


So what didn’t happen this past week? I didn’t take very many pictures. Oops. I mean, it’s hard to capture the excitement of having all the Ram Board down on the floors, because it basically is like cardboard on a floor. And I am far from a professional photographer. And my iPhone is far from a fancy camera. So. Here are a few of what I have and I promise to do better as we get more visually exciting things done! Which will be soon soon soon!


6 thoughts on “Week 4 Update

  1. “Carefully disassembled” might be a slight overstatement…just saying. Also, those are some very nice looking blankets on that banister.


  2. Just curious why you’re removing the plaster. Is it in bad shape? How many rooms are wallpapered? My entire house (minus one room) was wallpapered and I stripped it all – and was lucky to find original plaster in great shape underneath. Just wonderin’!


    • Carolyn, much of it was in rough shape. But also, we are completely redoing the electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, etc. And all that is much easier to do with total access. It’s awesome your plaster walls were in great shape!! Some of the wallpaper in here was really something…I bet in your house too! šŸ™‚


      • I took pictures of all of it, and even framed a piece from the kitchen to hang in my pantry. I’m estimating it was all from around 1960.


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