Week 3 Update

What’s been checked off the to do list this week? Let me tell you.

  • Porch gone. It will ultimately be rebuilt as a wraparound.
  • Addition gone. It will also ultimately be rebuilt, a little wider and as a 2 story.
  • Major clean-up around the house. Seriously, there were roots and concrete and bricks everywhereeeee.
  • Stumps removed
  • Cistern located. This is important because of its proximity to the addition.
  • Preparing to get things really going inside – we purchased a floor protector that should help keep the original hardwood floors lovely.

This is a quick update today, because while we’ve been really busy all week, it’s been big stuff that takes some time to get to, and/or isn’t particularly easy or exciting to photograph. But rest assured, we are busy and can’t wait for the progress to continue! We are just about at the point where the exterior is ready for our general contractor to come in and start working his magic. Eeek! And I know I’ve been hinting at a glimpse of the plans — at the bottom, I’ve included a drawing of what the house will look like. 🙂


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