Just take the first step…

What a fantastic day. We had nearly 30 people come by for the open house and they all probably think we’re crazy. But everyone was so supportive and positive and wonderful. So thanks for everyone who came over!!

Other exciting things today:

  1. Mom came over and got our current house in more livable condition for us, which is wildly appreciated. 
  2. Dad got a new toy, which he drove across the field to the house. And then promptly got to work tearing some shiz up.  
  3. We had some lovely housewarming gifts dropped off, including a gorgeous mum and wine. Because: beauty and alcohol. Oh, and the best quote ever. 
  4. We have a game plan for this week to actually start working on stuff. Like, for real. FOR REAL, YOU GUYS!
move. that. excavator.
dad moving the excavator from his house to ours
aaron putting the excavator to work
grey gardens is real
so this happened
just take the first step

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