Errebody in the club gettin listy….

You will notice very soon that I write in lists. It’s because I think in lists. And like to check things off of lists. So, here is a listy update of what’s going on in the Wonderful World of the Marshes!

  1. We are officially renters, as of yesterday. We don’t actually have keys to our humble rental abode in Pesotum yet, but will soon. We’ll spend a little time doing a quick clean, then we’ll start moving in! It will be so nice to have a “home base” to deal with the crazy of the next who-knows-how-long.
  2. Closing is OFFICIALLY set on the sale of our current home – -September 29. Woo hoo!
  3. Closing is ALSO OFFICIALLY set on the purchase of the farmhouse — September 14. Double woo hoo!!
  4. Speaking of the farmhouse, we have the plans dunzo (will share them soon), we have started getting bids back on various aspects of the project, and we are really diving in to the design part. Did you know that choosing kitchen cabinets and counter tops can be horrible and exciting at the same time!? And that choosing a siding color for your house is impossible? If you are design-inclined, please tell me. And help me.

The timing of all of this means that for about a 2 week period, we will own 2 homes and be renting a 3rd. *gulp* This is not the time to be asking us for money, I’m just saying. However, it’s all very exciting, especially because these changes are finally here. We’ve been planning and speculating and “what if-ing” for a couple years now, so the fact that we are finally arriving at the starting line is super exciting.

Oh, and 10 points to Gryffindor to everyone who now has the song ‘Tipsy’ in their head, thanks to the blog post title. If you don’t, you soon will, because….


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