Contract in hand…. now what!?

Well here we go. This adventure is officially officially starting. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.

We have the contract from the seller and just have to get it reviewed by an attorney, then off to the bank to get their whole process started.

Also, we just sold our current house. After 1 day on the market. For full asking price. WHOA.

So what’s our plan? Great question.

Our plan is to close on the sale of our home on September 30. Then move somewhere yet to be determined while we work on renovating the old-but-new-to-us house. And then ultimately move into the finished, or at least nearly finished, house sometime in the future. Maybe in 6 months? Maybe in a year? Who knows! #remodelsarefun  We have plans for the remodel drawn up, and they’ll be going out for bid soon. I think it’s going to be so amazing when it’s finished! Eeek! We’re taking this classic 100-year old traditional foursquare house and making it into our version of a modern farmhouse. Wide open rooms. Gorgeous original doors and trim. Big wrap around porch. Basically, dream home. And in a gorgeous home we are saving and making our own. Seriously, dream.

So. We are getting somewhere. Hopefully we’ll continue to move forward and will have more frequent updates that include some actual work being done! And someday I’ll get some good photos up on the site so you can actually see what we’re contending with here.

Whew. Change is exciting…and terrifying…and exciting some more!


3 thoughts on “Contract in hand…. now what!?

  1. Wow, Gina and Aaron…….You ARE taking on a BIG project…….How interesting it all will be, …The end project will be really neat, tho. I will help you with where ev er you need help….just let me know. Grandma Julie

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